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This Discussion is intended as a place where parents and other loved ones who have SRs with a PIR of 30 November to gather and meet-and-greet and talk about this adventure.  Of course, I suppose anyone is welcome. 

If anyone knows of others on facebook and, please direct them this way, too.

Hopefully, this will be a place where we can share stories about phonecalls and letters from our SRs. 

And I look forward, already, to meeting all of y'all at PIR.



Attention on deck!

From RTC:

There will be FIFTEEN divisions graduating Nov. 30th. RTC is abiding by the policy that Active Duty/military retirees and children twelve and under do not count toward the 4 invitations each recruit receives. However, if an individual is not on the access list they will NOT be able to enter the drill hall (NO stand by). Please plan on arriving at least two hours before the ceremony, which begins promptly at 9 a.m. Thanks to all for your continued support of Recruit Training Command, the Navy's only boot camp!

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It's funny you mentioned how much has changed. They sure have.

Yesterday, my boy was at the VFW for Thanksgiving. I got to talk to him in the morning and then again in the afternoon while I was at our families Thanksgiving dinner.

When he called the first person I handed the phone to was my father.

We could hear the surprised tone in my fathers voice every time he said "wow, things have changed".

(my father served on the USS Independence as part of the blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis).

My mom got a big kick out of that. She must have been feeling ornery because she tells my dad something to the affect of, "imagine that, things changed over the last 50 years".

Best Regards,


Jeffrey Hewes said:


My son is also on Ship 04 Div 021 also.  I am sure you are finding like me things have changed since we served (Army here).  Looking forward to graduation.

Al Rutkowski said:


Yes, My son's PRI is 11/30 and I got about a 15 minute phone call from him on Thursday, the 25th.

He's on Ship 04 Division 021.

Mail seems to be moving now too. I got his first couple of letters on 10/18 and a few more on 10/25.

I hope you hear from your SR soon.

Best regards,

Al Rutkowski
JanieG said:

Has anyone with a PIR date of 30 NOV 12 received a phone call yet...


I'd like to extend my appreciation for all you do for our boys, and young ladies.

My son, Al, was there yesterday for Thanksgiving and I got to talk to him in the morning and our family got to talk to him when he called back in the afternoon when we were all gathered for dinner.

Your kindness in providing not only dinner, but cell phones and computers is something this proud father will never forget.

My boy sounded great and tells me the Navy is everything, and more, then he hoped it would be.

And, this website, has been a blessing.

Best regards,


NavyDads Co-Admin, Jim said:

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the VFW post in Villa Park offers Thanksgiving dinner for about 200 recruits from RTC. It's possible that some of your recruits might attend this event. If you hear of them, let them know that I am planning on being there to help serve. I only live about 90 miles from there. I will be the bald guy wearing a NavyDads polo shirt and a NavyDads apron.

Got another phone call today, he said they had Captian's Cup today. This time next week we will be enjoying time with our SR's

We felt so blessed to have met your son and spent the day with him.  You have a wonderful boy! So happy that our boy's became friends. It was great to see them together! First thing I did when we got the boy's in the car was give them each a cell phone to use for the day.  Glad he was able to talk to all of you.

I look forward to meeting you at PIR.

Mariza J Prida said:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families... Blessings... Hoping to get a call tomorrow from Cesar!!! Can't wait for PIR !!!
Proud Navy Mom Mariza

We will sure miss seeing you, but I completely understand the situation.  Hopefully you get treated to a nice Birthday dinner and we will certainly gather to toast ya!


Happy 30th Birthday Jim.... lol
NavyDads Co-Admin, Jim said:

I sure wish I could come to the meet and greet. But I don't get off work till 5. By the time I drive over there, meet all you great people, and try to drive home, it will be so late at night. It would just be too much for me. I am out of vacation time and personal time or I would just get a room and spend the night, but I just can't. Ronny Bowen from "Calls For Recruits" is going to be there too.

Besides, the 30th is my birthday. You all can have one for me. Just put up some pictures please!

When I talked to my son yesterday, he said that Captain's Cup was going to be today (versus Saturday).


Does anyone know if that was the case, and if so--- who won?

Was good to hear from my daughter Madison in Div 023 on Thanksgiving Day 3 phone calls and again on Friday.  Her div placed 2nd in the Chaptain's Cup. She was the only one to shoot Expert in her div. Just less than a week till grad day. Hope all yall had a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend. This ex-army is a proud Navy Dad.


Your daughter is in the same div as my son. He said he shot sharpshooter, I'm an army guy to, I guess we will both be learning a new language

Sidney E. Romine said:

Was good to hear from my daughter Madison in Div 023 on Thanksgiving Day 3 phone calls and again on Friday.  Her div placed 2nd in the Chaptain's Cup. She was the only one to shoot Expert in her div. Just less than a week till grad day. Hope all yall had a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend. This ex-army is a proud Navy Dad.


A few are starting to get those "I'm a Sailor" calls.  I believe 801 and 20 both finished today.

3 more days are you all excited?

For those driving to PIR don't forget to bring the gate pass and charge the camera batteries! :)

OMG Can't wait...3 more days.....I am very anxious....last night I couldn't even sleep well...

I am so excited and so proud of Cesar that he will be playing with the Babd... Hoo Yah Div. 903 !!!

Proud Navy Mom Mariza
Stephen said:

We are "Stoked!" Trying to pace ourselves. It will be fun.

hope that has helped provide the info you might need to make PIR go smoothly for you....since so many of you are going to Meet-and-Greets hope you spread the NavyDads word to those that haven't yet joined!!!

And we expect photos and stories of PIR !!!!!!!!!

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