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Son called today and says all coming together as a team now. So much pride in his voice and I'm so proud of him and all who so bravely go to serve. God bless them all.

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When Curtis called I asked him about your son. Said he was involved with the leader team. Sounds like he is getting to take charge. Should be proud of him. Otto

Otto, I haven't heard anything about taking charge.

I'm so proud of him no matter what, but if he is Hooyah. All mine said was, "I heard you've been talking to Mr Boslow from Texas". I was so surpised! We should and sure we are so  PROUD, of both our sons and all the SR's and Sailor's that is and will serve our Counrty. Love to hear more about Curtis and how he's doing and the friends he's making.

In this other group I'm in, I've heard, there starting to work more as a team, that's awesome!

I know some people of 284 recieved calls tonight and some didn't. We didn't, but that's alright with us, because we know they may have other things to do, such as standing watch. 

Love to hear more about Cutis and the division.

Yesterday was our anniverary, my wife sent me a text from work and said I am missing him bad. I felt so sorry for her but  nothing I could do.

I really hope you and yours are doing well, as you son goes through the demands of RTC. The letters to us are like gold and the calls are more precious.

 Please keep me informed and are you going to PIR?

Hey Tim,

My son is in 11/284, His name is Bruneau, tall lanky kid, lol glad to hear the division is coming together as a team. That's whats it's all about. May I ask what part of the country you're from? Kansas here. Hope to get to chat with you and your SR.

Hello Ricky,     So very good to hear from you. My wife and I will be at PIR if its the last thing I do in life. So very proud of our young men. I didnt know if I scared you off I have just been so excited to talk with someone that has a son doing the same things my son is going through. When I talked about your son taking charge he is working in a leaders group type thing. Curtis is low key just wants to get through this and then on to A school. He is always like this put in just enough and goes to the next thing. Same when he was in high school.  Otto

Ricky, I also recieved a call last night. I dont know if it was due to Curtis's 19'th birthday is 8/7/. But his mother and I will take it. Only got to talk 8 to 10 minutes but got to hear him just the same. Sounded a lot better then his first group of letters we recieved. So many letters and phone calls is a good sign that the men are doing what is asked of them. The people in charge of them can stop or not let them call or write if the are not doing things as needed. Take care let your wife know to be happy fro your son he is now starting his own life, I'm sure the two of you have taught your son I he needs in life to be such a strong young man. Hope to see you in PIR....Otto...

Tell Curtis, Happy Birthday! Tristan said (before left left) he wants to fly under the radar. He too, has always done just enough, when I said in 10th grade nothing under a "C" that's what he did, in 11th, I said nothing under a "B" , lol. 

Letters for them are a great link to the family and a fantastic link for us to know how or SR's are doing and that they're alright. 

I know we are about to bust being so proud and I'm sure you are too. The wife was just having a monment, I have them too. Tristan has been taught never to quit, I never let him  quit anything in his life. Like I told him when he turned 17, soon your life will begin, make the most out of it. I do hope he and Curtis get to know each other. 

When going to pir, we'll arrive probably late on the 11th, it's a 10 hr drive for us. But maybe we'll get to meet after the ceremony. Take care let me know about Curtis, and how's he doing.

PS I want to find out more aboutthe leader Group type thing. lol

Hello Ricky, we are trying to fly in 09-10-14. Too far to drive. The group thing I was talking about was just that some guys step up and and do jobs that they have set up. Tristan's C's AND B's were great. Curtis was happy if he passed with ONE point before failing. Kid just wouldn't put in the effert to get better grades. He just likes to get by. I know when he gets to A school it's going to kick him in the behind. We have made the mistake as parents to spoil our two boys way to much. They certinally dont have everything but they have quit a bit. Boot camp is tuff on Cutris due to him not knowing what its like to do without. All the electronics he had he doesnt know how to deal with not having them. Trust me we have tryed to tell him. Now he is living it and doesn't know what to do with himself. He is finding out what growing up is all about. He is a wonderfull person but has many lessons to learn still in life. I still learn everyday. We have taught our kids right from wrong now its thier turn to make the decisions and live with them. I am so excited for him he has a very bright future ahead of him it he applys all that he knows. He is tall and skinny. They almost didn't take him due to he's weight. I know the Petty officers know how to make the guys  learn to work together but that is the hardest thing for anyone to due. Rely and the other guy to due his part. I have wrote him to get with your son to see if the other guys in the div would let their dads know about this site. It helps me out so much each time I hear from you. I am also lost without my son. I just keep telling myself that its his time to start his life. A new chapter for him.  Otto

Dear Otto, I too, really enjoy hearing from you and finding out more about Curtis and the Division. For not being in the service myself, it becomes hard at times, not knowing what’s going on, talking to you really does help. I didn’t respond for a while, due to this site sometimes confuses me, not knowing where to replay, I use to be very on top of  technology but due to my age I have fallen behind.

Sounds like to me Curtis is making it fine, he’s still there and I’m very proud of him, like I am for all the SR’s. RTC (boot camp) can’t be easy, they have a lot of information to process in a very short amount of time. I’m sure he’s growing, learning as they all are and A school may surprise you and him.

I too, any concerned with the tests and the PFA. I’ve heard, but don’t know for sure, they have 2 times to pass a test and 3 times for the PFA. After High School I use to quiz Tristan on the DEP book once a week, if he didn’t get 80 percent on whatever I asked, he didn’t do anything for that week. The first week he failed and sat at home all that week. He hated that, so the next week he actually put a little more effort into it. He still just did enough so he could go run around town. I guess I was the same way at that age. Maturity takes time for all guys and Tristan always thought he was right, no matter what, he knew it all. He gets that from me, lol. I love him to death! I hope he’s learned (and I’m sure he has) to keep his mouth shut and just do what’s asked of him. I too, tried to tell him things, however all we can do as parents is to tell them. It’s up to them to take the advice, life lessons can’t be told, they have to experienced, mistakes will be made but that’s how you learn.

Electronics is very important in today’s society for all kids and Tristan had all that, too. I would get so frustrated because he would sit around and play those stupid games. I bet he had ipod withdraw and that’s funny! He didn’t tell me that gave his very expensive  ipod to his best friend, so his friend would keep the game going that he started. Then he would send 8 thousand test in a month. Now, he and Curtis, I’m sure they are learning what their new life is all about, and they can live without the ipods, phones etc.

Tristan is our only child, so the first week or so, we basically sat around just looking at each other, it was like “What” it’s so quite. I think it’s an adjustment for all parents and children. I feel I hadn’t lost a son (best friend) but sent him to live his life. Tristan would have left at 17 if we would have let him, he was ready. Their lives will be so much better, the doors that will be opened for them is tremendous for rest of their lives. That's exciting to me. But I’m sure they don’t realize the opportunities they will have through this experience and the better men they will become.  Time will let them know how Great these next few months are for them.

Well, I suppose that’s enough of my rambling, I just get so lonely as I’m sure you do to without our kids around, which now are becoming men.

Can’t wait to hear more from you, Ricky

PS, I hope I’m replying in the right place.

Ricky, I'm in the same boat so to speak as you are. I'm an old dinosaur and technology kicks my behind. I too didn't join the military, I got as for as swearing in with the  Air Force but when I went to take there tests the first thing they did was started screaming at us. I was not even signed up yet and did not see the need to scream at us. They could get the point across to us with infomation. Kind of wish I did join but can't change life now. Tristin sounds the same as Curtis with the games. From the time he got up till the time he went to bed. Again Curtis was to smart to do any of the studying he thought, but now I'm sure he wished he had. He would have a better time of it right now. Told him to practice running, swimming, push ups and situps to get used to it before he went but again he had to play games all day. I got another set of letters from Curtis but not to happy info. He needs to step up and work hard to achieve things. His frame of mind is way off. He just needs to comply with things and go forward. Hope he will stick it out. Anyway I'm kind of interested in the Sarge's meet and greet fror PIR. Have not seen our young recruits date come up yet but I might go. I heard from Curtis for their first running, sit ups and pushups one of the recruits could not breathe during the running so they scratched to running test scores for now. Hope the young man is ok. Have not heard more about that though. I could also talk to you for hours to see what things and stories you have about Tristin.  Take care Otto.

Otto, Tristan did learn his DEP book in his own time, and I was on him like fly on stink, but one thing he did, was for the last year before he shipped out, he got up at 5:45 during his Senior year of High School, took a mile run, did sit ups, pushups all on his own. I was very impressed even though I didn’t tell him. What he needed to work on was pushups, he could only do like 25 when he left and they have to get to 42. I sincerely hope they help with our SR’s trouble spots. Swimming has never been an issue for us, Tristan was on the summer recreational swim team for 8 years and was a lifeguard for 2 years.  He passed his 2 swim tests first time out.

Having a positive frame of mind is the key I think, since a lot of what they’re going through is mental ly stressful, anyway that’s what I’ve heard and by watching Youtube videos of Sailor’s talking about boot camp. Curtis is still there, so he must be doing things right, I’ve been told by other parents their SR’s took around  4 weeks before  they began to feel better about their performance, working as a team, etc. He should start to perk up a bit. Next Thursday should start week 4 of their training, Let him know, he’s half way there, Hooyah!

Tristan also spoke about the first PFA, to bad an SR TTO’d (I think that means he called a time out) when that happens, to my understanding, the whole division stops! Nothing is counted, and I sincerely hope the young man was alright. I’m sure he was, since I haven’t heard anything to the contrary.

We won’t make it to the meet and greet, arriving way to late in the evening for that, I just hope we make it barring no problems on the road. I made an estimate on flying, renting a vehicle, vs the amount of gas it will take to drive. The driving won.

I’m sure the stories we could tell each other about our kids, but I don’t think this is the best venue for that, lol.

Hi Ricky, my son is Sean McGinness 11/284, we're from Virginia. Sean called Wednesday night, sounded so good. Very upbeat. Maybe your son knows him and can say hello. Can't wait to PIR--booked our flight and reserved at Holiday Inn, but may check out navy lodge.

Hi tim, glad to hear from you, I'll ask my SR about him, he is tristan...I'm glad to hear your SR is Very upbeat. That makes it so much better. Last time I spoke to mine he said he was great and having so much Fun. Last wednesday he also recived a chance to call however he called some of his friends, I didn't find out until friday. That's alright with us, he needs to talk to his friends and get their support too. We're happy he has others to call besides us. We have booked Days Inn 1.5 mi from the base, but may check out other places shortly, too. Let me know how sean is doing, and I'll do the same about mine. Can't wait for pir.

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