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Just got my son's form letter. He's in Ship 2 Div 911. PIR is set for Jan 22nd 2016. Anyone else have a recruit in that division?

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Got a surprise phone call from my son today.  Didn't expect it for another week.  Talked for about five minutes. His P days are done.  Training days start tomorrow. Ship 2 Div 911.

My son is going thru Battle Stations and PIR this Friday.

Although right now it might seems like a long time to you and family, it goes by very quickly.

I encourage you to write your recruit daily as my son indicated several recruits rarely heard from their families. I also included letters "to Any Sailor Recruit" expressing my appreciation for their decision to serve and an encouraging thoughts as well.

Treasure the phone calls from your SR.


BS21 schedules are considered secure info....please do not discuss in open forums

My son arrived at RTC on Nov 24th. He called yesterday and said P days are over and Training days start today Dec 7.

My son is also on ship 2 div 911 he called yesterday .finished travel arangments.
Hi Tony, my son is scheduled to graduate 22-JAN-2016. However he is in Ship 04 Div 805. Good luck to your son.
Hi tony. Did your son call you again? I have gotten 2 called so far. This afternoons call sounded discouraged. He said his CRDC told them that they were so terrible they were going to be pushed back. I told him that everything that the RDC's did was scripted. It happens in every division. The RDC,s are trying to get them to come together as a team. To learn to police their own. He said the RDCs have started to give individual IT instead of group time. He is very glad of that! By end of week 4-5 they should be jelled. I told him to hang tough and do what he is told. Do it right the first time.
Hi Todd. I haven't heard from my so yet today. Last time was a week ago.
I hope you had good Christmas. Get yours sons pic? Or phone call? Good luck Tony

Yeah.  Got the DIV picture. He called on Christmas Day.  Got to talk for about a half an hour.  He was able to rank up.

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