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Okay Folks....

   We have listened and helped whenever we could.....Now I want to hear how your stories ended! Tell me your thoughts of PIR.....the Meet & Greet...What you learned and what advice you have for the next group of parents! I feel like you ripped out the last 5 pages of my book! Thanks in advance! ;)

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Come on, folks! tell us your stories!!!!

From Frank Cintron:

I joined the Navy Dad family back in Late8/15 I believe. My son went to GL on 7/14/15, he was contracted as a Navy Corpman. We received his call that evening around 11 pm.

  His was not an auspicous start. He failed the swim, He failed the run, He failed the prone swim. He was put in a fit program and unfortunately did not pass early enough to PIR with his division. The good thing was he did not QUIT!, he persevered and passed all three just before PIR in the same week. He was then sent to San antonio for Corpman school. He did graduate from there on 2/4/16. Came home on leave for 5 of 7 days as he had to be back before the 15th, class starting for C school Med Lab on the 18th. It was rescheduled for the 12th. He is now going through the first weeks of this course and he said it is exteremely difficult. He has some ups and downs as he did in GL but again he has not quit trying. The results so far is that he has passed all his test to date. Through this whole adventure I leaned on all the folks who have had the honor of having their son's and daughter volunteer for the great  adventure they are now a part of, you know the 1 % ers. Whenever my wife and I had any questions or were befuddled by not knowing the in's and out of the Navy the Navy DADS and Moms came to the rescue. Always someone would take the interest and time to answer our questions. It didn't matter how silly the question may have sounded the Admin team and all the families who were on the site almost immediately came back with answers which helped us tremendously during our sons trial as a new recruit and helped us come back down to earth, especially when a call was supposed to come and didn't. We leaned on all of you for support and IT was always there and for that my wife and I will always be greatful. Now as we go into the future some of us will stay with NAVY DAD and MOM others will go forward and meet new freinds and tie in with new groups as they relate to your sailors endeavers, I know that we as well as all of you will always treasure those times when we were drastically looking for answers, for support and freindships and for the love of our country that our son's and daughter's are now contributing to that we as the parents who raised them up with all their good and bad times, eventually they now stand tall as we the parents also stand tall, WHY? because we have produced the best that this country can receive from us as parents and that is A NAVY SAILOR!!. God bless this site and all the parents who have and will continue to particpate and support this site. And to all those future generations of parents and new sailors to come. I thank all of you for accepting my family into this site and this brother/sisterhood we call the U.S, Navy. I will continue to stay on this site and whenever I can help anyone who needs support or answers. I will be more than happy to comply.  HOOORAH

Thanks Frank! This is exactly the kind of story I was looking for. You exemplify the spirit of Navy Dads! This is why we do what we do.....Well done, Sir!

Well, I think it's time to add my story. Stephen went to boot camp March 12, 2008. His PIR was May 9th. I can not tell you how I felt that day. But one thing I want to tell you all is to learn as much about what is going to happen and the time line for that very special weekend. Oh how I wish NavyDads was there for me from the beginning. After the PIR, we did not know that we would have the entire weekend to spend with him. We came home after his graduation. I had two other family members with me and our funds were limited at the time and couldn't afford the hotel rooms for the whole weekend. 

But we also got sort of lucky. Stephen was on hold for the next month due to his health. He had gotten a little anemic and they wanted to hold him for a while. Also there was no room for him at his A school until two classes moved on to the fleet. We were so happy that we live only 100 miles from Chicago and could drive over on the weekends and spend some time with him. We would take him out for steak when we had the chance! 

So we saw a lot of Great Lakes. Every weekend for a month. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!



Any stories from this week???

For those just getting home....tell us your thoughts!



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