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Guidelines for Posting on NSW Forums


You may want to read the existing posts on the site. We are here to help you with this journey so please feel free to ask questions. I have three suggestions you may want to remember as you begin your voyage.

1. Remove the name of your Sailor from this site and any other internet locations where you may have already posted. Also, remove your Last Name (use your initial if you want) these two items will publicly identify your Sailor and that is not allowed by NSW. You may want to read about PERSEC and ask your Sailor about the subject.

2. Send or accept a Friends request to/from those for private questions.
There are things that should not be discussed in a public forum. Use the Friends Request (Message Section on the site), Instant Messenger or emails for the security of your Sailor. Also read about OPSEC. As time passes more and more people may read your postings (including Instructors) and your Sailor may hear about it but not in a fun way. It is best to post your private email in a PM so everyone in the world does not get your private info. Unless you want some extra junk mail in your inbox.

3. SEAL is an acronym. It stands for Sea, Air, and Land. A Seal is a mammal and some will take offense to the lower case letters.

These are friendly suggestions I've tried to pass on to those joining the SEAL Dads Group. My Grandson has finished BUD/S and finished SQT. He graduated in late 2009.


It should go without saying that EVERYONE should observe Operational Security (OPSEC) and Personal Security (PERSEC) at all times.

To make it clear, we recommend that you not mention current deployments, operational information, techniques, tactics or procedures that are not public knowledge on these Forums. You should also refrain from stating the locations and names of any Navy SEAL or other Special Operations Forces personnel, within these Forums.

DO NOT discuss Tier 1 Special Operations Forces units.

If you read a post that you believe violates this rule, please send a Private Message to an Administrator immediately. They will then investigate the matter further and determine a course of action.

In addition, if you wish to exchange any personal information (e.g., your full name) to another member, you should use the Private Message feature or Personal Email to exchange such information.


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Good info, always good to keep brining this up.
Check ou thte Tutroials in the About This Site area on every NavyDads page....I've detailed how to do a number of things there including editing your profile.

Johnnazz said:
can't figure out how to remove name. J.
How do get back to delete info you described? Not familiar with navigating this site.
in the upper right region of the site you'll see a link called SETTINGS.   click that and a page will open that lets you modify your profile.  When you are sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE

Kevin L. Bradley said:
How do get back to delete info you described? Not familiar with navigating this site.



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