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My son's ship date is coming soon and I wanted to get ideas on what I should be doing to get everything set for his departure. I've seen all the lists of what to bring and what not to bring but I'm trying to see if there's anything more. We already have a SF1199 filled out by NFCU for his direct deposit. Are there any other forms available that can be filled out ahead of time? I'm thinking stuff like NAVPERS forms such as Record of Emergency Data and anything else he's going to need to have for processing week.



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best he can do is maintain physical training and learn general orders and the like....he's gonna have to fill out the forms there....where else you gonna get the latest official forms

I wasn't sure if they'd have them online or something.

Plus, can he take his cell phone for the arrival "I'm safe" call then throw it in the "Box" to be mailed home? he can call from airports...typically the cell will be stuffed into a shoe so check there when the box comes

Since, as you mentioned, forms are filled out after arriving at RTC, is there a way for my son to keep a "cheat sheet" of info with him so he has all the info that he needs while filling out forms?  I not sure that he'll have everything memorized.

wouldn't hurt but I'd strive to make it small (maybe wallet size) and only include vital info- in this day of smart-phones no one knows phone numbers anymore....make sure he has the numbers he needs!

do have some forms to give an idea of the kinds of things used in the fleet


Does my son have to have his social security card with him at RTC? He already showed to to the recruiter and at MEPS.

don't believe so.....he needs ID but SS card does not qualify as ID

I have another question.   What is the best calling card I should get for my son.  I'm assuming that without one, he won't be able to make calls.

I remember we had to get a calling card that stated it could be used from payphones - not cell phones.  We found one I believe at Walmart.  Just make sure to read the small print.....and I think they might be able to purchase them at BC but better to take one if you can!

Well, my son left today.  He'll do an overnight then meps and flight tomorrow (Nov 24).   Thanks for all the help with getting everything ready.

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