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For all of you out there who have crossed this bridge before, I need some advice. My son is facing a reenlistment decision soon. Nine months ago the bonus for his rate (FT3) was 45K. After the election it was cut to 25K. Then in January they cut it to zero. He's mad. And I would be (am) to.

The current administration wants to downsize through attrition. His boat is already short staffed on this rate and has been for some time. All he see's ahead is long hours because of short staffing, and a government that doesn't want him around. I've tried to tell him that political climates change and that he should hang in there and wait awhile to see what happens. But, as someone else said in another post, its his life and his choice to make.

I know submarine life is hard, but the economy isn't really bright right now either. Can I, or should I encourage him to stay in? Are there any old submariners out there who have any advice?

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Hi Leonard,Like you said it is his life and should be his decision,good or bad,that is how our kids learn to become adults.Regardless of a sailors rate,right now if i was in the service personally,considering the state of the economy i would tend to be leaning towards re-upping no matter the bonus.I would think there would be worse decisions he could make,but that is just my two cents worth. Best of luck to Nathan in his tough choice. Take care!
Steve !!!!!!!!!

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JohnM said:
The Navy has been shrinking since the colapse of the Soviet Union, nothing new there. And all administrations have down-sized overmanned ratings by cutting bonuses and encouraged retention of undermanned ratings by offering bonuses that make pay comparable with the civilian market. Its all supply and demand. Bonuses are never written in stone, they rise and fall. It used to be that they were adjusted semi-annually, now that can change in as little as 60 days. Unfortunatly, at this moment the Navy has an oversupply of FT3's and your Sailor gets the short end of the stick

The article you quote was published last fall when the enlistment bonus for FT's was $45K. As I said, this has now been eliminated. But, NOT due to being overstaffed at this position. If you check the CREO rating as of that time they were understaffed. Here's a link.

They are still understaffed. But, the bonuses HAVE been cut since the new administration came into power. I agree with most of what you said, but the current situation (I believe) is different. I hope I am wrong.
I am not nor ever was submariner, however in the state of the union, and the bleek outlook for jobs at this point, I would encourage your son to stay in. He will not be on that ship for ever he will eventualy have to transfer out. putting him in a new enviroment. Look at the navy as a carrier, Instead of a place he is not happy at this point in his life. The benefits should out way the means..... and I think at this stage of the game, they probably will.....
It's pretty simple, really.

Re-enlistment bonuses are a marketing tool to attract/keep people from bailing out to civilian life. It has nothing to do with politics.

When the civilian economy is in the tank (like now) more people are staying in the Navy (or trying to enlist) so the Navy doesn't need to pay bonuses to keep them.

In my career in the Navy I collected a grand sum of $2,000 in re-up bonuses. Hell, I'd have paid them to let me stay in!


Master Chief Radioman, USN (Ret)
I suspect they ran out of money for this government fiscal year. After October 1, keep your eyes open for new offer -- especially if economy picks up, but some jobs are always short handed.
Suspicion confirmed -- bonuses restart October 1
Mike Stark said:
Suspicion confirmed -- bonuses restart October 1

Thanks very much for the link. All evidence suggests that the re-enlistment bonuses are taken off the table when they have enough people at a given position or are out of budget for the bonus program for that year. I'm still confused by the disparity in what my son tells me about crew shortages verses the bonus charts, but often the beauracrats who make decisions don't know the real facts.

I have been encouraging him to not make a decision based on money, or at least not money alone. When you consider all of the life changes that come with choosing to make the military your career, money should be one of the smallest factors in the equation. I suspect he will re-enlist, but for a young man in his position, the bonus incentive can certainly change minds.
I have herd the same things from my son who is about to throw away almost 8 years. Mom and i have talked to him on what is going on out here in the civilian world, Josh had no idea how bad it is .
we hope he will change his mind along with the other moms and dads out here. but what ever he decides to do mom and i will support his decisions, we may not agree with it .
I wish i would have listened to my parents when i was serving too. now the shoe is on the other foot and it makes us very nervous.
Well, the bonuses are back and my son along with his two best buddies on the boat have decided to re-enlist. They haven't officially "signed" yet, but all three have committed to each other that they are going to stay in. Given the current job market, I think they are making a wise decision.

How about the rest of our dads out there. Can anyone else report that their son or daughter has decided to re-up?


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