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My daughter is in basic training. She runs the 1.5 mile in under 12.5 which is very good. She does 38 pushups which is also in the very good range. Her problem is the situps(curlups). She can only do 35 which is poor. It is my understanding that the three scores are averaged to get the pass or fail score. Is this correct or do they have to score in the good range on all three?

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check this link:

as I read it, the scores are averaged and must average in the "good" range

That is the way I interpret it as well. That being the case she should be fine. I am pretty sure the RDCs are just telling them the scores are not averaged to get them to try harder and score higher which is a good thing. It does however put a lot of people under stress, none more than the recruits themselves.

The RDCs will go out of their way to work with the recruits to get them to pass......if she shows the will they'll help her

Since she has passed all the other tests . The one to review here would be the curls, this will give you an idea where she is at. I pulled this from the Female prt standards. you didn;t indicate her age. These standards are for 19 year olds i don't see them changing much if she is a little younger or older. Hope this helps.


Maximum 100 109 51 9:29 6:45 6:35
Outstanding 90 102 47 11:30 8:30 8:20
Excellent 75 90 42 12:30 9:45 9:35
Good 60 62 24 13:30 13:00 12:50
Satisfactory 45 50 19 15:00 14:15 14:05
Failure <4 <50 <19 >15:00 >14:15 >14:05

    1.5-MILE        SWIM
CATEGORY                  UPS    UPS      RUN
        500-YD  450-M

Maximum        100        109    51       9:29
       6:45    6:35
Outstanding    90         102    47       11:30
      8:30    8:20
Excellent      75         90     42       12:30       9:45
Good           60         62     24       13:30       13:00
Satisfactory   45         50     19       15:00       14:15
Failure <4 <50 <19 >15:00 >14:15 >14:05

Thank you for this information. I had seen it before but still have the same question. Does failure on one of the subtests fail you on the PFA or do the three scores average out and then that score pass or fail you? Thanks for your help.

To graduate boot camp, a sailor needs an overall category of "Good (Low)," which means their average in three events must be 60 points or greater.

My daughter called us monday reading a script. She failed the run by 12 seconds, but would retest next day. Havent heard a word. We showed up at pir on weds (thanksgiving holiday week) and still nothing. PIO wouldnt help me in the least. Even denied any truth to a possible visit with my recruit. So here we sit..

Our daughter graduated last Friday. The information above about averaging the scores is not true. Females are required to do at least 50 situps in two minutes. They must do at least 18 pushups in two minutes. Also they must run the 1.5 mile in under 15 minutes. Anything less than this will fail them on the PFAs. My daughter could do the run in under 12.30, could do 40 pushups but struggled with the situps. On her final PFA she got 52. Had she got 49 she would have failed even though she scored high on the other two components. It is awful that you have not been given any information at this late date. Parents deserve to be kept in the loop. One way or the other, especially when travel is involved.

I don't know what to say to all of this.  Only the limited experience I have with my daughter.  Before she left, she could not complete any of the PFA.  Two weeks leading up to boot, we trained in them...her best was 17 minutes, 20 sit ups and 4 push ups.  It worried me.  She called me after Battle Stations and said she past as Alpha female in the PFA, where Bravo would have sufficed.  She assured me that the RTOs would not let her fail.  If your daughters went there in such good condition, I don't think you should worry.

It's the call after battle stations I'd be wringing my hands over.  Enjoy the graduation and bring a pillow for your fanny.  You'll be sitting for a little bit.  =)

My son graduated in 9/15. He was set back to a fit group because he did not pass the prone test or the run. He did pass everything excpt the run the week of his PIR. He called on Saturday before the Friday of his PIR, he said he did not pass the run along with his whole division because one recruit fainted just before he crossed the finish line. He indicated he would be retesting that following Monday and if he passed then he would PIR the coming Friday. At the time of the Saturday call We did not know that this was a scripted call not to show for the PIR that coming Friday. He inidcated if he passed the run on the Tuesday Prior to PIR he would do Battle Stations on the Wednesday befor PIR and he would graduate with his class. He said he would advise by That Tuesday, he never did call. Did he pass or not? We were in a Quandry as we had already purchased tickets to go the PIR on the 9/14/15 and had already reserved the hotel. He was put back in FIT div. to make sure he passed the segments he didn't qualify for, like I said he finally did pass the run. SOOO not knowing if he did pass at the time we left for graduation we took the chance and went. The phrase no new's is good news is not one that helped us out. It turned out when we went through the rosters to see if he had passed they told us he WAS NOT GRADUATING with his class that day! What we found out was that the Saturday call WAS supposed to be a scripted call NOT TO COME though the call we got that day was not to our knowledge scripted as we spoke to our son for almost 15 min+. We also were told to go back and speak with the PIO which we did. Thats when a Lieutenent at that desk with the PIO told us the call that Saturdaybefore WAS to be A ScRIPTED CALL and we were not to come. After explaining we just got ther from Florida and that the call was not scripted since it was longer than a scripted call, they did allow us a phone conversation with our son on the phone. So I guess we lucked out unlike you folks. We found out then while speaking with our son that he had just PASSED THE RUN that morning not the dAY he was supposed to have taken it (THe previous Tuesday) were it not for that THey would have refused us any call or conversation with our son. The moral to the story that you and I have experienced is. NO news is not good news. They must pass each phase of their pfa or they will not do Battle Stations and go to PIR. If they do not pass each phase they will not graduate til they do. As to having better commnication with us as the parents, unfortunately they raise their right hand and commit to the military we as parents are no longer in control od the situations that they have to conform to. They do need to indoctrinated in the military way and as such we have to conform as well that we have no controll on thier situation as they go from civi to miltary life. It may seem unjust to some of us parents but thats why they must go through these phases to adapt as we have to adapt to us not being able to controll what is happening them. In the end you will look back as we have and you have to tell yourself he/she will make it eventually. Like others have said in their discussions the rdc don't want their recruits to fail. Just hang in there, sooner than you think if it hasn.t already happened you will get the call " I am a SAILOR NOW!!! and all the past issues you have had to deal with will be in the past. WE know because we have gone through this. I did as well when I joined th Army at the age of 17, in 1960. Keep a stiif upper lip and when you get the opportunity keep letters going to your recruit? sailor by now. It means the world to them.

Pleas see my reply under pfa requirements. Its pretty long but it will let you know you are or were not al0one in your situation.
michael kargenian said:

My daughter called us monday reading a script. She failed the run by 12 seconds, but would retest next day. Havent heard a word. We showed up at pir on weds (thanksgiving holiday week) and still nothing. PIO wouldnt help me in the least. Even denied any truth to a possible visit with my recruit. So here we sit..

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