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All Hands TV "Return to Boot Camp"


All Hands TV produced a series of videos that show what the bootcamp experience is like.  Follow along to see what your sailors went through or are going through.


NOTE:  These embedded videos cannot be viewed full-screen.  All are in the video section on the site and those CAN be enlarged to a full screen view. Links are provided under each vid to the enlargeable version.




Part 1: "P" Days !!


link to enlargeable version:


Part 2: Training Starts


link to enlargeable version:


Part 3:  PT !!


link to enlargeable version:


Part 4: Battle Stations and On to A-School Preview


link to enlargeable version:


Part 5: Battle Stations 21, PIR and on to A-School!!


link to enlargeable version:






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All of the videos of Basic Training were outstanding. Thank You NAVY DAD'S. All future sailors, parents and family will have an idea of what our young sailors are experiencing in Boot Camp.

Great job on the videos, Paul.

You're right, Jim. These are the best I've seen to-date. I am really glad to see the USN stepping up their efforts by creating videos like these and making them available to the general public.

I'm sure you will agree that we certainly wish this information would have been available to us when ours left for RTC.

I do believe NavyDads offers more one-stop information about the USN than the USN... and we are so much easier to navigate than any of the USN online websites!

#1 down -- Sleep! ha ha ha  :^)
Thank you so much for sharing these videos of RTC. It helps to see what my daughter is going through at each step of her training! Thank you!
Yeah this is the best boot camp video I've seen.

I watched the first on "P" Days and I loved it, great, truly great, I loved the first part when the kids were talking about the various reasons they joined up. It reminded of me of me when I enlisted in the Army.

Great job guys, thanks for posting this series, I notified our members of this great series, I hope they come over to check it out.

Paul... great job, as always.  Not everyone is aware of All Hands TV. I'm so glad you post them here for all of our new (and veteran) members to see.  The veteran members, especially, get a chance to see how dynamically the RTC experience has changed in the last decade... heck, even in the last five years!
The only way it can be more real than this is if you sign up and ship out.  Great job on the presentation of what it means to be a recruit in the worlds Best Navy.  Thanks for your service to our USA.

I thought the videos were well done too. I wish I had seen them before my son went to boot camp.

Gary T. said:

All of the videos of Basic Training were outstanding. Thank You NAVY DAD'S. All future sailors, parents and family will have an idea of what our young sailors are experiencing in Boot Camp.
Hooyah Navy!
 Awesome new video's!! It is great to watch and get a little idea of what Nicole went thru to get to where she is today! Thanks for posting Paul!! :)
Love finding this sort of stuff that shows you great NavyDads folks what your sons and daughters have gone through or are experiencing today!!

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