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 For all you worried bootcamp parents:


"Try to think more about what needs to be done today and less about tomorrow. Until we get through the present we don't know what will happen in the future."

Calvin Baker,



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my son arrived at bootcamp yesterday, very nervous for him, but very proud of him.
I know that the way he was raised and being in the navy now will make my son a better man, a proud man. Hooya son!
Very excited to recieve his box and a letter from him and see how he is doing.


Brian Edward Horstman said:

Trying to get a address for Jerad Edward Horstman


Need advice from anyone who might know. My sailor got his orders and will be flown to Djibouti on 10/29 to join the Carl Vinson carrier group. His contact on his destroyer told him today he would have to have a regular blue passport, not a military passport because of problems in the region. He has all his information for his passport but everyone he has talked to at his base in San Diego has told him to go to the Post Office through regular channels. Does the Navy have some way to expedite this process so that he has it by next week or what suggestions do you have?

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