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YNSR Candyse Lynn had her PIR from Great Lakes on Sept. 2 2010. Then it was on to A school in Meridian Mississippi. She is now in Coronado, California and is working with some special ops groups and may soon be going to Afghanistan.

Her hobbies include running, watching UFC fights, and (who would have guessed this one) shopping! 

Candyse was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and her mom and dad could not be prouder!


NavyDads salutes YNSR Candyse Lynn! Bravo Zulu!


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Bravo zulu candyse Lynn, and mom and dad too
Bravo Zulu, Candyse Lynn!
Great job Candyse Lynn or Bravo Zulu and congratulations to your family !

Congrates on being Sailor of the week, Candyse Lnn,Bravo Zulu and Wish you long and safe career in the Navy.



Good Luck.......Stay safe........ Bravo Zulu.....


Congrats to our Sailor of the Week! Be safe and stay strong wherever you go. From a Navy Mom with a Sailor daughter too who is serving overseas!!
Congratulations to the Sailor of the Week!
Congradulations, YNSR Candyse Lynn and your Mom and Dad.
Congrats and good job YNSR Candyse Lynn.   Don't see too many Yeoman on this site.  My son too is a Yeoman at an overseas duty station. 

My son is in BC now and will be a Yeoman.  How do your Sailors like the job?  When my son signed up,  he told the recruiter he wanted an IT job.  Recruitor said got just the job for you!   Was funny when he came home from signing up, he told us he got his IT job and was going to be something called a YO Man.  


Recuiters havent changed a bit have they:)


We are really proud of our son.



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