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Hello Everyone,

 Need your advice to ship a car for my son from Texas. 

1. What's the best option?

2. Do I have to register the car in South Carolina?

3. The car is in parent name, but will be used by our son, will that be an issue?

4. What about auto insurance?

  Any other advice is most welcome as far as Cars go.

  Thank you.

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Here is a link to a company that specializes in shipping for the military.

As far as the rest of your questions go, for sure there must be insurance or he will not be permitted to drive it on base. I'm pretty sure it can be registered in your name and in his home state. If he's there only for school you should be okay. But if it's permanent duty station, it should be licensed in that state and registered to him.  

Dependable Auto Shippers is a good company to use. I've used them a couple of times to ship my vehicles during my cross country moves. They have several options for shipping too. They will ship door to door or you can drop it off at one of their terminals (usually a local towing company that is affiliated with them) and have it shipped to another terminal for pickup. Door to door is a little more expensive, but it is extremely convenient. I did a terminal to terminal (Omaha, NE to Columbus, OH) shipment for less than $500 as well. Their website is

The car can remain in your name and registered in your home state. It must be insured to drive on base. As long as he's an authorized driver on your policy he's good to go.

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