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My son was just informed he will not be continuing with his training for submarine duty.  He failed too many quizzes and tests.  He is currently in Groton, Conn.  I am curious as to what happens to him now and if there is any kind of timeline for him to be re-assigned?  I am also curious what the drop-out rate is for this training?  Anyone out there that can answer my questions?  Much appreciated.  I am still very proud of him and disappointed for him in this situation.

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He will, most likely, be assigned to a surface ship in his current rate. That is generally what happens to Sailors that are academically dropped from Sub School. There is a possibility that he could be converted to a different rate, but every submarine rating has a surface counterpart so that generally only happens in exceptional circumstances. Time line can vary because there are so many things in play (available billets, ship schedules, funding, etc.). Could be a week. Could be a month or 2. He'll probably get some leave time between leaving Sub School and reporting to his new command. 

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