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Hello everyone,

I have heard from son at RTC Great lakes. He is having a hell of a time with the 'prone float' portion of the swim qual. He is there now 5 weeks and his Chief is threatening him to send him home. Does anyone out there have any info to help me on this? Can they just send him home without an attempt of recycle. This is got me stressed out a bit as well as my son. My son had worked hard in getting to RTC including trying to swim on his own and now may face being washed up because of one section of the swim qual. I called his recruiter to see if he could give me any information of what I can tell me son, but no return call. He is son close to graduating and I hate to see him get recycled or not graduate at all. I know its mandatory to pass all of the swim qual. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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My son had the same issue with the prone float. He finally passed the darn thing at the last minute. He was given several tries before he finally made. As my son said, the only thing you can do is keep you head down, don't exhale all the air from your lungs, and swallow all the pool if necessary. Trust me, my son, my wife and I were all stressed about the prone float, but once your son get's passed it, he will look back and think how easy it is. I think my son was in his 6th week when he finally passed it, so don't give up hope. There were 10 guys in my son's division who passed it at the last minute. The one thing that really put my son over the top on this was his RDC went went them to the pool and watched each of them and kept yelling encouraging things to them. My son said he heard everything his RDC said and he didn't want to disappoint his RDC, so that was all he needed.
Hey Lee Thanks for the incouraging words. I dont feel to bad if he passes the swim quals that late in training.
Good Morning Manuel, Tell your son if you can, to hang in there and and keep trying. I am retired Navy and my daughter is leaving for Boot Camp this Wed. (3/11/09), and sometimes they ( his Chief) might use that as a scare tactic. I do not know how many chances they have given him but tell him to keep trying and don't let that get him down. I do believe that if he has problems passing that portion he can be sent back in training but not home unless he has had that done already. They can't just send him nor do they want to without giving him some more chances and that might include sending him back a couple weeks or so. Believe me they are wanting your son to pass and they are encouraging him to do so aswell. Your son's recruiter should be getting back to you with somemore info too, if you have to go to his office. I hope some of this has helped and I wish your son the best and you too. Gordon
Hello Gordon,

Thanks for the info, I have been giving my son as much support as I can via letters. I know that his Chief is using scare tactics, but I dont want to undermind what his Chief is trying to do by says, "oh dont worry he just trying to scare you" I think he can do it, as I have told him, just get pissed off and do it, dont let that one thing beat you! Thanks again, I hope when I write again it will be to announce that he has passed.


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