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I can't believe it....we will be leaving Monday, May 18th for Morgan's graduation. How excited am I. I'm a mom, what does that tell you! Anyway, I have ideas as to what kind of things we can do from my Camp Pendleton Corpsman group on N4M's, but I'd like to get some from this site. Like most people, we are on a tight budget and having driven for two days to get there I, personally, don't want to spend a lot of time driving. Of course, I have to visit Coronado and I have to go to the NEX cuz there's no way CP would ever have Navy items. So, any and all suggestions as to what to do and see while in the San Diego/Oceanside area will be appreciated.

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Cindy, My daughter and son-in-law were married at Camp Pendleton while he was in the Marine Corp. The wife and I spent a week in Oceanside where they lived on more than one occasion. I've also spent a week in San Diego on business. Where exactly are you going, and do have a place to stay already in mind? The two cities seem close on the map, but it takes a while to travel between the two.
We are staying in Oceanside at the Ramada Limited. We have to pick up Morgan's girlfriend from the San Diego airport. Morgan wants to go to the San Diego Zoo. I want to go to Sea World. We've also heard there is a harbor tour. That looks expensive, plus we don't know what day, if any, we'll have Morgan. I think it would be awesome to take. We'll have to see as school won't be out yet. Maybe we could take it on a week day. My husband is a space enthusiast, so I'd like to find something space oriented for him. Costco has vacation packets for San Diego. I think you can choose 3 or 4 different places to go for a set price. I'll take any suggestions you have!
I's been a few years, but my best memory is that it's about a 2 hour drive from Oceanside to Sand Diego. Weekdays are worse than weekends, and if you hit I5 during rush hour its a bad scene. 3 1/2 hur avg. The Sand Diego Zoo is awesome! A must see. The beaches at Pendleton are the best in southern California if you can get on base. But, remember the water is cold. Wet suits are the norm. Coronado is definitely a highlight, and if you can find the time walk out on the pier at Oceanside. The view of the coast is pretty good from there. The sunsets are pretty special too. Hunter's Steakhouse in Oceanside was my son-in-laws favorite resturant. I had dinner there with him and my daughter the night he got back from Fallujah. It definitely lived up to and exceeded all expectations.

You really can't do it all in a week. Travel in the are is very congested, and there's a lot to see. My advice, pick out two or three favorites, and play the rest by ear as you have time.
Thanks, Leonard. I wasn't expecting to hear it's a 2 hr. drive! Good thing I didn't listen to my hubby and get a hotel there. I know it's not possible to do it all in a week, that's why I decided to pick and choose before we got there. Sounds like we will have Morgan with us for the rest of the week. That's the way it's going now. Who knows what will happen when we get there. Thanks again!
It's not a two hour drive. Usually 45 min. to an hour depending on traffic. Between 0900-1400 = 45 mins, 1900 - 0400 = 45 mins. all other times of day a bit longer depending on traffic.

Thanks everyone! I'm in Oceanside typing this. Morgan's graduation was yesterday. He'll be stationed here for the next three years. Doesn't know which unit he'll be assigned to yet. Hopefully, he'll know that next week after his liberty is over. We've found enough to get burned while at the beach yesterday waiting for Morgan to get done signing in to his temporary home. Not a fun way to start a vaca! It'll get better...I'll have him all to myself for a couple of days next week. Looking forward to that. It's been awhile since I've had some one on one time with him.
Blacks Beach (Just a name) in La Jolla great for site seeing. Been several years since I was there but Blacks Beach is below Torry Pines golf course Oh one other thing Blacks Beach is clothing optional ITS A NUDE BEACH

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