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Q.   Does anyone know what is going on with the Tiger Cruise?


A.   The Tiger Cruise Committee has been hard at work preparing for the up coming Tiger Cruise. Registration is complete, so we look forward to seeing all of the approved Tigers on-board soon! 



Q.   What is a Tiger Cruise?


A.   Tiger cruise is the chance for family and friends to see up close what the US Navy does on a day for day basis. In our case, guests will observe at sea operations and an air power demonstration as we transit from the embarkation port to Norfolk.


Q.   What is a Tiger?


A.   "Tiger" is any relative or friend(but not girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancee or spouse) of a crew member or embarked personnel joining us for the transit to Norfolk.  It was established for family and friends to experience all facets of the shipboard life of their sponsor on board USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER.


Q.   When is the Tiger Cruise?


A.   The dates and locations have been given to the entire crew by the Commanding Officer. Your Sailors have been instructed to mail an invitation letter home tha tgives the exact dates. Since Operational Security (OPSEC) is always a concern for the US Navy, dates will only be provided by the sponsor via US mail or by attending the FRG meetings. The ombudsmen and FRG are NOT ALLOWED to provide these dates by phone, email, or FAX.



Q.   Who can participate in Tiger Cruise?


A.   Relatives and friends of crew members or embarked personal are eligible.  By Navy regulations, spouses, significant others, fiancés, fiancées, girlfriends and/or boyfriends are not eligible. 



Q.   I am the sister of a Sailor.  Is it true I can not go unless I get a female co-sponsor?


A.   YES, but your Sailor should not have any problem getting you a co-sponsor.  That said, it is your Sailor’s responsibility to ensure that you have a co-sponsor.Co-sponsors are required to assist with berthing issues and casualty responses(man-over-board, emergencies and the like).




Q.   May pregnant women participate in the Tiger Cruise?


A.   NO. The Navy restricts shipboard embarkatio for pregnant women to avoid undue risk to mother and baby.  Pregnant Tigers are not allowed.


Q.   Are there any age restrictions?


A.  Tigers must be a minimum of 12 years old on the day of embarkation and no older than 75. 


Q.   What medical restrictions apply to Tigers?


A.   Family members and friends with the following medical conditions are excluded from Tiger Cruise participation.


      • Major surgery within the past 6 months.

      • Recent myocardial infraction or other severe cardiovascular disease.

      • Bone Fracture or other disability requiring cast, cane o rcrutches during embarkation.

      • Embarkation of pregnant females is prohibited.

      • History of severe motion sickness or claustrophobia.

      • Severe emphysema, COPD, asthma, or reactive airway disease.

      • Active communicable disease (tuberculosis/hepatitis).

      • Severe visual impairment.

      • Dependent on anti-coagulant medications.

      • Epilepsy.

      • Hemophilia.

***ALL tigers must bring their own medications - the ship cannot provide subscription medications***


Note: Individuals with the following conditions - angina pectoris, insulin-dependent diabetes, HIV-positive,chronic lung disease, or any prosthetic surgery must have a written clearance from their doctor AND must be approved by the ship's Senior Medical Officer for participation. Please update any changes you have already submitted.



Q.   When may we plan to hear if applicant was accepted as a Tiger and will that come through our Sailors or via snail mail from the fleet?


A.  Your Sponsor will notify you via email when the approval process is complete.



Q.   How many Tigers will be allowed to participate?


A.   We anticipate approximately 1,250 Tigers during the cruise.  Currently there are no restrictions on the total number; however, each Sponsor should request no more than 3 Tigers without approval by the Tiger Cruise Coordinators.Restrictions will be based on space availability.



Q.   How many Tigers can I bring on the Tiger Cruise?


A.   Each Sponsor should request no more than 3Tigers without approval by the Tiger Cruise Coordinators and the IKE XO. Restrictions will be based on space availability.



Q.   The Tigers who are prior military will they be lodged in the appropriate berthing to their rank? "I have a TAD individual who is being told her father, a retired O-6, will be in the sponsors berthing with junior Enlisted.”


A.   Since the purpose of TIGER cruise is for family members to experience all facets of the shipboard life of their sponsor,all TIGERS will berth in the same male/female departmental berthing spaces as their sponsor. Berthing is assigned based on the rank/rate of the sponsor and not on the Active Duty/Retired status of the TIGER.



Q.    Is it mandatory to list a co-sponsor on the registration form?


A.    No, your Sponsor will handle the assignment of Co-Sponsors as needed.



Q.   Can the sponsor sign the form once it is filled out? Some Tigers may not have the ability to print and scan.


A.   NO. All forms must be signed by the member participating in the Tiger Cruise. This validates that they have read the package and covers use. Those who do not have the ability to print and scan at home may visit their local library, Kinko's, UPS store and in some case the local Post Office and they will be able to meet this requirement.


Q.   Are Tigers going to get updates via Facebook?


A.   YES. We will regularly post answers to questions we receive from both Tigers and Sponsors to Facebook.  Remember again that your Sailor Sponsor is your primary point-of-contact and Operational Security (OPSEC) is an all hands evolution.  So with that being said we will not place dates, times or mission orientated items on any open lines of communications. All Sailors have been instructed to send their prospective Tigers the dates via the US Postal service as it is the only way to preserve Operational Security.



Q.   Back during my time in the Navy, only sons and fathers allowed on Tiger Cruise. Has that changed?


A.   YES, daughters are allowed AND encouraged to participate in Tiger Cruise.



Q.    Can a Non-Tiger family member come on IKE in Mayport just for the time while we are in port?


A.    No, due to our short turnaround as well as the many moving parts during the embark, we will not be allowing anyone who is not an Approved Tiger to cross the brow, even temporarily.






Q.   What airport should we fly into?


A.   You’ll need to fly into Jacksonville International Airport.




Q.   How will Tigers fly to Jacksonville?


A.  Please coordinate your travel arrangements through a travel agent of your choice. Sponsors have been provided with some travel information.  The use of refundable plane tickets is advised unless you are willing to accept the possibility of paying a change fee if the dates change. There are many websites that provide reduced air fares so shop around, but know exactly what the rules for cancellation or change are before buying your ticket.



Q.   What transportation is available from the airport to the ship?


A.   We are currently arranging transportation from the Airport to the Pier on the morning of Embarkation from 8:30am to 2:30pm.  Tigers will need to submit flight information to their Sponsor so that we can ensure that enough buses are available.  Tigers should go to the USO at Jackson International Airport(First Floor – in front of the escalators) to check in and be directed by IKE Tiger Cruise team members where to go to pick up a shuttle.  In the event that shuttles are unavailable or full, taxis are plentiful at the airport and will be able to transport Tigers directly to the pier at the Tiger’s expense.


 Q.    Are there ways set up for Tigers to get to and from IKE?


A.    Tiger Cruise Transportation Logistics:


Shuttles from Jacksonville International Airpor tto NS Mayport:  Shuttle buses will run continuously from JIA to Mayport between 8:30AM until 2:30PM on the day of embarkation.  IKE representatives will check Tigers in at the USO at JIA and then direct them to the shuttles for departure.  Shuttles are free of charge,but please let your SPONSOR know that you desire to use it so that we have enough capacity to move all TIGERS that will need a ride!  In the event that shuttles are unavailable or full, taxis are plentiful at the airport and will be able to transport Tigers directly to the pier at the Tiger’s expense.


Shuttles from Naval Station Norfolk to the Norfolk International Airport:  Shuttle buses will run continuously from thepier in Norfolk to Norfolk International airport for 2 hours after liberty call upon debarkation.  As with the Jacksonville shuttle, this service is free however please let your SPONSOR know if you plan to use it so that we have enough capacity available to move all the Tigers that will need a ride.


Charter Bus from Norfolk to Mayport: The charter bus costs $100 and will depart from the Movie Theater near the Norfolk Navy Exchange the evening prior to embarkation and arrive directly to the pier the next morning for embarkation on IKE. Sponsors need to pay ASAP for Tigers using this service, so if you haven’t already then please contact your sailor today!



Q.  Are there any arrangements for unaccompanied minors to travel to Jacksonville?


A.   NO. We strongly recommend parents coordinate supervision of minors with parents who are accompanying minors on the flight.  Otherwise, you can work out escorted minors though you airline carrier. Please ensure review of all requirements with your individual airline carriers.  The ship cannot accept any responsibility for minors prior to their arrival to the ship.


Q.   When can Tigers check-in on the ship?


A.  Check-in will be from 9am to 3:30pm on the embarkation date at the embarkation port. The actual embarkation date will no tbe posted online or transmitted over open social networks; again our concern is for the Operational Security of all Tigers and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and Five Star Team members.



Events, Activities and Living on board IKE:


Q.   What activities or entertainment will be available for the Tigers?


A.   Tigers can expect a variety of entertainment during the Tiger cruise.  Your Tiger Cruise Committee is hard at work aligning schedules and ensuring that we are able to provide you with an experience of a life time. We are planning on showing our Tigers as many operational events as possible such as:


  • Man Overboard Drill with rigid inflatable boats
  • Operations/AIR POWER Demonstration
  • Weapons Demonstrations
  • EOD Demonstrations
  • Air Wing Fly Off
  • Shifting Colors/Moored
  • And many more morale welfare and recreation activities that include movies, music, entertainment, board games and contests that Sailors participate in during a deployment.



Q.   Will Tigers be allowed on the Flight Deck?


A.   Tigers will be allowed on the flight deck at various times such as Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Walk-downs and to observe the scheduled Air Power Demonstration.  Also,some Tiger events will be held on the flight deck.  TIGERS ARE PROHIBITED FROM BEING ON THE FLIGHT DECK (including CATWALKS AND FANTAIL) DURING FLIGHT OPERATIONS.



Q.   Will Sailors still have normal working days during the Tiger Cruise?


A.   Yes. Sailors will have normal working hours and are expected to perform assigned watches throughout the cruise.  Sponsors are responsible for arranging prope rsupervision of Tigers under the age of 18.



Q.   Is there a dress code for Tigers?


A.   Yes. Long pants or blue jeans are highly encouraged to protect legs.  Long sleeved shirts are encouraged also.  Shoes should be sturdy with flat soles – sneakers are preferred. Open toed shoes are prohibited due to the hazards associated with ladders, knee knockers, etc.  A jacket or sweater is strongly encouraged. A good rule of thumb is to remember that there are occupational hazards associated with life and work at sea and by being dressed appropriately for a work environment will help to mitigate these hazards.


 Q.   What items can Tigers purchase at the ship's store?


A.   Additional memorabilia (T-shirts, hats,patches, watches, lighters, etc.) and items typically found in small convenience stores will be available for purchase in the two ship's stores and via the squadron stores.  Tiger’s will be required to work with their sponsor to have money placed on the sponsor’s Navy Cash card for all store purchases and vending machines purchases.



Q.   Should Tigers bring extra spending money?


A.   Yes. Tigers may use their cash and place it on the sponsor’s Navy Cash card for all purchases and Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) activities.



Q.   Can Tigers use Sailor Phones and/or e-mail?


A.   Sailor Phones will be available to Tigers;however, they cost about $1 a minute. Phone cards may be purchased near the ship's store.  Email, if required, may be coordinated with the Sponsor using the Sponsor’s government email account. Sponsors will be held responsible for monitoring content within current restrictions (no classified or inappropriate material).  Operational Security(OPSEC) is a primary concern for Sponsors and Tigers alike. Always remember to never talk about location, dates or operations.


Q.   Will meal hours be extended to accommodate crew & Tigers?


A.   Sailors and embarked Tigers can expect extended meal hours.  Exact times will be published in the Plan of the Day (POD).


Q.   Where will Tigers sleep?


A.   Since the purpose of TIGER cruise is fo rfamily members to experience all facets of the shipboard life of their sponsor,all Tigers will berth in the same male/female departmental berthing spaces as their sponsor. Berthing is assigned based on the rank of the sponsor and not on the Active Duty/Retired status of the Tiger. Male berthing and female berthing will remain segregated.  The intent is to provide each Tiger with a rack, but if unavailable, cots will be provided.  If a crew member wishes to bring a Tiger of he opposite gender, a co-sponsor (of the same gender as the Tiger) must agree to be responsible for the Tiger in berthing areas (i.e. ensure that the Tiger knows what ‘rack’ or bed they are assigned, how to get to the nearest ‘head’ or bathroom and what to do in case of a fire or man overboard situation).



Q.   Can Tigers tour the reactor spaces OR other"industrial areas"?


A.   NO. Reactor spaces and other sensitive or hazardous areas will remain off-limits to Tigers and guests.  The safety of our Tigers is the primary consideration.


Q.   Can Sponsors or Tigers use checks to pay for the Tiger fee or in the ship's stores?


A.   NO. Personal checks will not be accepted.  Sponsors must pay ahead of time with their Navy Cash card as a part of the approval process for the Tigers.



Q.   If the TAD Sailors want to have a guest,will it be possible to have a Sailor that will not be having a guest relieve the other Sailor from their duties for the time of the Tiger Cruise?


A.   The requirement for TAD personnel remains the same; therefore, any duty swaps must be approved by the Chain of Command.


Q.   Suggested Articles for Tigers to Bring on the Tiger Cruise.


A.   Space on board the ship is extremely limited.  You will have to store all of your personal belongings under your "rack", the approximate measurements are 7' x 4' x 8" (that is 8 inches).  Large roller type bags are extremely hard to store, it is highly recommended that you bring a bag that can collapse and fit into your storage area.  The ship is not responsible for any lost/stolen items so please store your items correctly.  For specific question please contact your sponsor.


Packing “DOs and DON’Ts”:


DO bring:

- Duffle-type bag (hard suitcases are difficult to stow at sea!)

- Toiletries - Toothbrush,Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, Just the essentials.

- Bathrobe to travel to and from shower.

- One pair of Shower Shoes/rubber Slippers.

- Clothing as appropriate.Long pants or blue jeans are highly encouraged to protect legs. Long sleeved shirts are encouraged also. A pair of shorts will be appropriate for some of the planned activities; In any event, nothing fancy will be needed on board.

- Shoes - Preferably hard sole leather such as work shoes, hiking boots or sneakers with good soles. Open toed shoes and heels are not authorized for wear around the ship.

- Camera.

- Small Flashlight -Berthing areas are typically dark.

- Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.

- Medication - Bring any prescription medication - the ship is not equipped to provide prescription medication to Tigers.

- Bath Towel and Wash Cloth.

- A lock for your locker.

- Although there are laundry services aboard, bring enough clothing for two days.

- Due to limited space,bring only one small sized suitcase/duffle. You may bring a sleeping bag, orlinen and blankets will be provided by your sponsor.

- Spending money - to purchase snacks and memorabilia.


DON’T bring:

- Firearms, Knives or Explosives.

- Alcohol (Prohibited by Law aboard U.S. Naval Vessels) or illegal drugs

- Food - A Variety of snack items can be purchased at the ship's store at a nominal cost.

- Large or expensive jewelry(Large jewelry tends to catch on various protruding objects about the ship and many cause injuries. For your safety, do not bring it aboard). Highly recommended and encouraged to NOT wear or bring your wedding bands or any rings whatsoever as they can get caught on many items on board the ship and break your finger or worse, de-glove the skin from the bones.

- Valuables – there is limited space to secure items, so only travel with what you need. If you plan to bring electronics, check with your sponsor first about a having a safe place to store it when you arrive.



Q.   Can I bring and use a cell phone?


A.  Cell phones are not allowed to be used - and will not function - while we're at sea. 


Q.   Can I bring and use electronics such as a laptop computer, iPad, or iPod?


A.  Electronics must be electrically safety checked by the ship's electricians to make sure they're safe and compatible with the ship's electrical system. 



Q.   How does a tiger lock up valuables while on ship? Does the tiger need to bring a lock for a lock-box or anything like that? 


 A.  Valuables will need to be stored in the Sponsor’s locker.

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