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I have the opportunity to join an upcoming Tiger Cruise. How do you book a flight for this when the date of departure is still up in the air? 

Anyone have any ideas what the best way to book is?

Thanks in Advance

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Well, all you can do is stay close in touch with your sailor. They must understand That you need some time to book your flight. Hopefully Paul will see this and give you a better idea. He's been on a Tiger. Had to fly from Arizona to Mayport Florida.

Keep after your sailor for info....realize that is a Catch-22 as they cannot share, or at least are not supposed to, communicate port dates over email....regardless, it's worth paying the extra bucks for flight insurance that allows you to change your flight details.....

My son communicated arrival date with a sort of code.....month was ok and day was like "take 5 days off of Mom's birthday date in April"

And regardless of flight details, move heaven and earth to do that cruise......experience of a lifetime! 

And make sure you have all paperwork filled out and handled.....medical release form is important- don't neglect it. On that thought- Navy ships are often rusty....if your tetanus vaccine is more than 10 years old, talk to your doctor about getting a new one.....yeah they suck for a few days

Thanks guys.

Yes! I am, without question, doing it.

My doing one this year and cannot wait, first timer

When you are accepted you will get an email from the Tiger Cruise person in charge saying that you are approved. Do not purchase tickets until you are approved! Follow all of the instruction given by the command. BUT consider booking with refundable tickets as dates MAY change! My wife and I were dealing with the airlines to rebook flights because of a month long deployment extension. Not an easy task!  FYI the flight insurance sold by the airlines is useless!!!! They refused to pay us for our tickets because the event that caused us to miss our flight was our daughter's issue and not ours and she was not a ticket holder. 

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