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My son is due to graduate BC on 10/15 and off to Pensacola on 10/17.  We'd like to fly down to see him first weekend in November.  Does anyone know if visitation is allowed?  Will he get liberty?  If we can't go now will he be able to come home for Thanksgiving?


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Exactly, that's why they are living in a drill hall.  To keep them happy they gave them their phones back.  We hope to hear soon when they will leave.  

Well keep posting as you find out I would like to know. It don’t look good for me and my wife going down next weekend. I’m surprised nothing has been made public. Someone had to have messed up something. They should have enough there to book the whole plane on a commercial flight. I’m sure the airlines would love to cut a deal. Those hotels the Navy was using during the recruits 1st ROM made bank. Article I read yesterday said they used 11 hotels. When they moved to the army base it saved them over 2 million a month.

Could you ask your son if he is allowed liberty? Weekdays? Weekends? And what time it expires?

Hi, I spoke to him last night.  He cleared medical and may go back to the drill hall from THU.  While in THU he does get on base liberty during the day.  He's hoping to use that today to go to the NPX and pick up a few things.  He did say the THU is nicer than the drill hall he was in after boot camp.  He is part special forces and none of his guys have shipped yet.  Some still have to go through medical clearance so he's ahead of them and may go the Pensacola b4 they do.  Let me ask him about the weekends when I talk to him again.

Hi, My son said he did get liberty over the weekend.  They cannot leave the base however.  Liberty is pretty much going to the Navy exchange and getting a bunch of junk food.  They have access to their phones all weekend as well.

I know what you mean. That’s why I asked you about liberty at Great Lakes. We thought we would just drive up there instead of Pensacola. I did get some good news last night though. A friend of my sons from bootcamp sent me a text. He graduated with my son last Thursday and he got to leave Sunday. He said when he left my son had been told that he would be leaving on Wednesday. He also said they would not give him his phone until he left RTC. 

Are you saying you know someone who was able to leave the base?  If we knew he could do that then we'd fly out this weekend.  Is your friend in THU?  That's where my son is along with his unit, 824.  No one knows when they will leave.

My sons friend left RTC Great Lakes and went to his A school in Charleston. Sorry for the confusion! I have not heard from my son yet.

Thanks.  We are still waiting to see when he'll be going to Pensacola.  

My son had a flight to leave yesterday,but it got canceled because of the hurricane. We will probably put off leaving today unless he gets a flight. He’s content just having his phone right now,catching up with friends and family. He heard next flight might be Saturday,who knows. I hope your son gets to leave soon and you get to see him.

Thanks, good luck to you as well.  We have no idea when he'll go.  He did talk to a few friends that are already in Pensacola and they already saying no travel home for XMAS.  Not sure if you son will be in the same boat.

That would be awful for them not to get to come home. I mean really everywhere I look it’s pretty much normal routine with masks on. They deserve liberty. Everyone else is going and doing,why not them.

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