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My son is due to graduate BC on 10/15 and off to Pensacola on 10/17.  We'd like to fly down to see him first weekend in November.  Does anyone know if visitation is allowed?  Will he get liberty?  If we can't go now will he be able to come home for Thanksgiving?


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Travel restrictions have in place for months......

My son is flying today to Pensacola, finally.  His A school won't start for a while but at least he's not stuck in Chicago any longer.  I hope he hears about his liberty shortly after he arrives.

My son did to. I’m sitting in the exchange right now. I just talked to a young sailor that has been here for a week. He told me they are getting weekend liberty, until 4pm

I wonder if our kids were on the same plane?  If you are in Pensacola and can see your son already that's awesome.  I'm waiting for mine to get back to me to see if we can go see him.  He's there now i know that but not much else.  

My son just sent me a text, he has been in processing and he’s about to go to his new barracks. I have talked to a few sailors and all of them have said they get off base liberty.

Thanks, so you may be able to visit with him tonight even though he just arrived?   I hope so.

We sure hope so. I’ll let you know if we do.

Your never gonna believe this but my son sit across from your son at supper. 

We got on base yesterday and got to see Cole we had a good visit. We ended up spending the whole day on base. We got to talk to a lot of sailors,and I was really impressed with how respectful the sailors was to me and my wife. Today they told me I couldn’t get on base with my ID,so Cole and his liberty buddy got a ride with the duty driver and came and sponsored us. We had a great visit. Your son and Cole have spoken. This is crazy that when I mentioned your last name my son said I sit across from him at chow. We decided to leave tomorrow and come back for thanksgiving,hopefully he will be phased up and get to leave base with us. We had a great visit.

Hello,  Yes my son knows yours, what are the odds?  Maybe we'll meet him this weekend as we are flying down Thursday afternoon to spend Friday and Saturday there.  Were you able to drive onto the base?  What about bringing food on, is that ok? 

Yes we drove on base,and yes our truck was full of food and candy. When we got to the main gate we was directed to the visitor center a filled out a form. We waited there for Cole and his liberty buddy,the duty driver gave them a ride up there. From there we followed them,then parked and hung out. He was not allowed in our vehicle and wasn’t allowed to take any food or candy to his room. We are going back on thanksgiving hoping that he will be in phase 2 and allowed off base for liberty. We had a great visit. Hope all goes well with you all and your visit.

Thanks for the additional info.  My wife wants to bring cookies or something but it sounds like he needs to eat them while we are with him.  

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