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My son is due to graduate BC on 10/15 and off to Pensacola on 10/17.  We'd like to fly down to see him first weekend in November.  Does anyone know if visitation is allowed?  Will he get liberty?  If we can't go now will he be able to come home for Thanksgiving?


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Another question... What type of ID did you need to get on base?  I'm wondering if we need to bring our passports or is a regular drivers license enough?  Thanks

I just had my driver’s license

Thanks, can't wait to get there.

How’d your visit go?


Thanks, it was great.  The first day it took him a while to get to the visitors center.  He ended up walking.  For day 2 we just drove on with our pass.  I did get to say hello to your son as well.  The base sure could use a place to eat outside of fast food.  I wasn't expecting it to be so big and so nice.  Now that I know how easy it is to get there I'm already thinking of when we can go back.  Any idea if they can come home around Christmas?  My son has not heard.

I believe there is a good chance they will come home for Christmas. Has your son started class? We’re planning on going down for thanksgiving.

Hello,  I hope they do get to come home for Christmas.  In my sons instance he doesn't start his official A school until late Jan or Feb.  He is in pre-training as of Tuesday.  It would be great to know when he can come home so I can get a plane ticket before the price goes through the roof.  

Yeah I know what you mean. When I served they had a certain window opened and half would go for Christmas and the other half would get New Years. I’m sure they will let them know soon. My son started NACCS on Tuesday I believe it last for 4 weeks(based on what I found on the internet). I might burn a vacation day and drive down and get him if he’s up for a road trip.

Road trip would be fun but for us it's a long one as we are right outside of Boston.  My son did mention the same thing you said about some get Christmas and others get New Years.  You would think they'd know that by now by i guess not.

What in the world is going on in Pensacola?   I am hearing stories of total chaos over on the NACCS side, cancelling all Aircrew classes and reassigning everyone to PACT and transferring them over to NATTC and deploying them, screwing them on their contracts and saying that they have the authority to unilaterally mess up their career path. 

Apparently there is an extremely high turnover rate, which I believe is a direct reflection of the command structure on that side of the base.  It wasn't like that when I was in.   They are not strict, they are rude and abusive.  Destroying moral and unit cohesion. 

Today my son had his phone in his pocket--He had been talking with me and I overheard a Warrant Officer (in Civies) openly threaten to end his career in a second, and he "would end it if he ever saw him again"--Accusing him of being high because he got lost looking for the the glass palace and asked directions....   He asked my son why he was looking so worn out and my son told him that it was because his mom is about to die of cancer and they just took A school from everyone in Aircrew, and replied that he was lying and it was a  line of *** and that he wasn't dealing with anything. 

  It was one of the most disturbing conversations I have ever overheard.   He did not know that the phone was in his pocket, listening to everything.  

My son scored well on the ASVAB, was an honor recruit in boot camp and got promoted to E3 and was set to go Aircrew until all of this b.s. started and they screwed everyone over with PACT.   What in the world has happened to to this command?  


My son has not mentioned anything about any of this. I know NACCS is a candidate school and you can drop on request. 

Mine either.  His group is in pre-load now until they start rescue swimmer school.  They are preparing and getting in better shape.  Not sure about the aircrew guys but when we were there we didn't notice any choas.

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