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Hello everyone, I have a question for anyone who may know. The question is, does the navy have zero week? I know when I went in the army back in 1993 I spent 2 weeks in reception then my first week in basic training was zero week so didn't count. My 8 weeks actually started after zero week. I have not received a letter from my son yet as to what division he is in or when the graduation date is. His mother and I need to make plans a head of time so we can be there. I don't even know if he is actually in boot camp yet or really how the navy operates. Before he left I was told he will be mailing me his cell phone, I got a box in the mail with his clothes but no phone, hope they kept it there and didn't get lost. Also when he arrived in great lakes I got a 2 second phone call saying he was there and that I would get a letter in a couple day but no letter and he got there last Monday. Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me?

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this is from a series of pages I'm working on- will give you a little insight:

Thank you, that does answer some of my questions. My wife keeps asking me question because I was in the Army but I dont have the answers she is looking for so I have to come on here and ask LOL

My son's phone was in his box with his clothes, so that's odd. Also their first week is processing then the second week actually starts the 1st week of training. We got a phone call after his second week there and he finally got to write on his second Sunday there. If he did write I should have a letter in the mail today. My son is at the end of his 3rd week there and second week of training. Good luck!

Did you check all the pockets & inside his shoes? Sometimes they will put it there to keep it safe!

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