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My son has been in the DEP program for just about a year. Here we are 15 days before his ship date he gets a text from his recruiter asking him to give the office a call. He called the recruiting office and was told he will not be shipping out on July 14 due to budget cuts they have to push him back and he will not be able to ship out until at least Oct. 1st at the very earliest more like nov. or dec.and the start of the new fiscal year. Now keep in mind he has a contract that he signed and signed by the enlisted classifier at the Meps station that guarantees his ship date. I just don't get it. This kid has wanted to do this his whole life and here he is days away from the start of his journey and the powers that be move the goal post. They tried to get him to either drop his rate and pick another,or sign as undesignated. Now keep in mind this kid and his dad (me) have been researching his choice to become a Navy Sea Bee for years. And there is no way he will switch rates and not a snow balls chance in hell he will go undesignated. Now don't get me wrong I understand that the navy needs come first but you mean to tell me this system is so messed up that they are signing contracts and assigning jobs that they have no intention of honoring? We have requested a meeting with the recruiting station Chief. I don't expect a reversal on the decision made by big Navy but my kid need something in the form of an answer. He is so upset at this point he is talking about quitting his life long dream of being a Seabee and entering a apprenticeship in the civilian sector. We discussed him not making a rash decision and we would wait to see what comes from our meeting with the Chief. I was just wanting to vent on this board and see if any others have been through this kind of thing.
Thank you

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Thanks for the reply ! It is just frustrating! But as an veteran of the navy I understand things happen out of our control. But as a father I wanted to be sure he was not being BS'd by the recruiter . I have been on the web looking to see if any others have experienced the same issue but this is the only post I have found close to what he was told. We may look into being reclassified to a rate that is not being held back . But I told him to ride it out until after Oct and see if things change! Before we make in drastic choices ! This is his life we are trying to jump start!!

Some 10 future sailor's in my son's DEP group had their ship date pushed back to October/November.  Fortunately my son was told he's still scheduled to leave at the end of this month.  Hang in there Ronny Lee.  I can't imagine your son's frustration but I hope he sees this through.  In the context of an entire career, a couple of months will seem like a mere blip later in life.

Ronny....Go back to page 1 and read the release from the Chief of Naval BS.....just adjustments to available funding. Read up on sequestration....refittings and upgrades are all being pushed off until the new fiscal year. Stay the course and all will be fine!

Had one of our members just post this on FB: 

Looks like BC will be limited to high priority jobs until the new fiscal year. Seals,Nukes, CTI's, Navy Divers, SWCC's and rescue swimmers are good to go. All others scoring below 50 on their asvab and no school guarantee are on hold.

I heard 98 were cut here in AZ! "You can go on with your lives like this never happened or wait" :(. 5 from my sons office were cut - maybe Feb. or March 2017. My son was the only one to ship! Thank goodness!!
My son got the same call on 6/28. Said he would ship in February. On 6/29 they called back and said original ship date of 7/6.

I reported earlier in this thread on 30-Jun my son was apprised his normal rotation to a new duty station (NAS Lemoore to NAS Whidby Island) was being delayed until Q1-2017.  Well wouldn't you know it; this Tuesday last he called saying he'd received his hard-copy orders and could check out of his current command as early as 01-Aug and had to check into his new command any time up until 14-Sep.  The only catch is he will not be attending his C-School for the EA-18G Growler until Q1.

I guess the good news here is there is at least some movement for both recruits as well as Permanent Duty Station changes.  :)

Any luck yet? A big factor is that the navy is dropping rates effective now and admin side is rolling out. That could possibly be a huge delay for a lot of new sailors to be let in. The navy money year ends in October so I would imagine rolling out soon after that but I'm very surprised he wasn't sent out with all the guys graduating highscool.  When I joined I was told 6 months and left in 4- but my year group was undermanned.  Seabees are pretty over manned right now too. I wouldn't switch rates, they try to convince people to so they get sent out sooner to meet navy manning. If you hold out you will get it as long as manning allows it. What I don't understand is why on earth he has any issues when he's signed at meps already. I had two visits for meps. I'm 26 and in the navy and when I joined I was told your contract isn't final until you graduate boot camp. Once your son goes, good luck and I'm sure it will go great. Navy boot camp is pretty easy I ended up gaining 36 lbs in it but I did a lot of cardio so navy exercise was kinda a joke to me. Seabees are pretty cool, I deployed with them into the Middle East while they had to come with my ship. Seabees is defiantly a hidden little community in the navy. Hope all goes well.

Hello OS2 SWAM
Well my son is still on track and he has received the news of one more shipping delay. However he has stayed the course and is slated to to ship on the 9th of November. He has stuck by his guns and he is going in as a Seabee C⚡️E . Let's just hope that this time the kid gets to get on the plane.....
Well it looks like it's going to happen for my son just went to his last DEP meeting and he is down to 7 days from his ship date. No delays expected at this point.... Although it has at times been discouraging for him to go thru these delays and unknowns, it has tought him a lot about not only how the navy operates but how LIFE operates. He will be better off having gone through this.
The good news is he keeps his rate as I guess it has become very hard to get a SeaBee CE rate!!
He is extremely excited about getting off to RDC and then on to Whichita falls for his A school.

That's good news Gary! Good luck to your son at boot camp! Recruit Training Center! RTC is the first step!

Good luck Gary!

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