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Son PIR'd 9/12 and reported into "A" School at Pcola on 9/14. He is in CT area of base. He was asking me to check on wireless broadband (AT&T) internet. I can't believe there isn't some more affordable internet on the base. He said there is another wireless broadband there but was told it was lousy. Anyone there that can help.....................$60 a month (2 yrs min) is a little high, since no telling how long he maybe staying after school.

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David while my son was in Pensacola I believe they payed for Internet on a weekly basis. Usually the kids would split the bill and share the computer. I'll ask Evan when I talk to him. I do know that he didn't sign into a contract for Internet and he had it the whole time while in P'cola. Once he gets situated he will learn the ins and outs. I don't think it was expensive. What took most of his money in P'cola was the cab rides back and forth everywhere.
I know I read somewhere that they had internet at about $35 a month somewhere either on here or navy4moms site. Now that I am looking, cant find it as normal. His gf is sending his laptop over the weekend and he is still recovering from internet withdrawl...........after BC. He got to chat with a few friends during his way too short liberty at GL. I couldnt see all the guys in a room paying for their own internet (since they are all computer geeks), figure they would find a way split the cost and access amoung themselves.
about the internet this thread might be to late but they provide an internet service $40/month its not wireless but its exremly fast modem, also theres no contract w/ it when he gets orders out of there all he has to do is turn the modem back in but also on another note ther is plenty of wifi spots all over base!
The only problem is my son is not on the NAS side of the base...........he is over at Corry Station, the back woods or FloraAbama as he calls it. Apparently, they are like stepchildren over there and the internet there is really bad.

My son just left Corry Station.  He had WiFi.  He had to pay for it and it was not very good.  But no need for a 2 year contract that he may not get much use out of after A School.

For phone service he got Ting which is month to month, no contract.

Wow this thread is really old!  :D

Yes! It is old! How in the world did you find this? LOL!!

David said:

Wow this thread is really old!  :D



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