Navy Dads

My son just graduated from A school in Pennsacola and has been in San Diego for three days now.  He says the living conditions are horrible and has not been assigned to his barracks yet.  He also says it is like living like a homeless person and his to use all his survival techniques.  Does not have a food galley like Pensacola and has to buy his food as well as find it.  Had to beg for a fork on yesterday to eat his ramen noodles.  Of course this made my heart saddend.  He stated that it will get better when he is assigned to barracks.  Right now he is sharing with a room full of other guys and its not too pleasant,but he says he is determined.  I am proud of my son for being a man and holding on but I hope he doesn't have to go thru this much longer.  Can anyone shed any light.  Thanks.

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