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Recruit Division Command Structure


Recruit Division Command Structure




How recruits fit into division staff at RTC:


Recruit Chief Petty Officer (RCPO)


The RCPO is the primary recruit assistant to RDCs and is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining good order, discipline, and security within the division at all times.
  2. Ensuring compliance with standing orders and regulations.
  3. Assisting RDCs with implementation of schedules.
  4. Reporting any abnormal condition to RDCs, including violations of good order, discipline and security, when RDCs are not present.


Recruit Leading Petty Officer (RLPO) (RPO1)

The RLPO is responsible to the RCPO and RDCs for:

  1. Assisting the RCPO.
  2. Ensuring compliance with standing orders and regulations.
  3. Assuming duties as RCPO when required.


Recruit Master-at-Arms (RMAA) (RPO1)

The Recruit Master-At-Arms is responsible to the RCPO and RDC's for:

  1. Configuration and cleanliness of division spaces.
  2. Procurement, proper stowage and use of all cleaning gear required by the division.
  3. Supervision of the division in the absence of RDC's, RCPO or RLPO.


Port and Starboard Watch Section Leaders (PWSL/SWSL) (RPO1)

The Port/Starboard Watch Section Leaders are the senior Recruit Petty Officers for respective watch sections.

The Starboard Watch Section Leader (SWSL) shall serve as the division's watchbill coordinator. Watchbills will be prepared and subsequently submitted to the RDCs via the RCPO.
The Port Watch Section Leader (PWSL) shall coordinate the rotation of the ship watchstanders with the RDCs.


Recruit Yeoman (YN) (RPO1)

The Recruit YN is responsible to RDCs for:

  1. Performing general clerical duties in the division and assisting RDCs with preparation and maintenance of divisional reports, records, class attendance rosters, mail pick-up and distribution.
  2. Coordinating with the Medical YN, Education Petty Officer, Athletic Petty Officer and Religious Petty Officer to ensure compliance with special schedule events.
  3. Attending the Mail Orderly, Medical/Dental, BMO/Testing and Physical Fitness Testing briefings.


Recruit Medical Yeoman (MYN) (RP02)

The MYN is responsible to RDCs for:

  1. Assisting the RDCs in preparing and maintaining recruit medical documentation.
  2. Coordinating appointments with the Medical Liaison.
  3. Tracking the status of all special physicals.
  4. Attending the medical/dental brief.


Recruit Dental Yeoman (DYN) (RPO2)

The DYN is responsible to RDCs for:

  1. Assisting the RDCs in preparing and maintaining recruit dental documentation.
  2. Coordinating appointments with the Dental Liaison.
  3. Tracking the status of all special physicals.
  4. Attending the medical/dental brief.


Recruit Section Leaders (SL) (RPO2)

Section Leaders are responsible to the respective Watch Section Leader for:

  1. Supervise and assisting the recruits in respective sections.
  2. Monitoring personal cleanliness, military appearance, clothing care and watch standing for recruits assigned to respective sections.


Division Laundry Petty Officer (LPO) (RPO2)

The LPO is responsible to the RMAA and RDCs for executing proper laundry handling procedures. The LPO is also responsible for maintaining the Cash box and division expense log.


Recruit Education Petty Officer (EPO) (RPO2)

The EPO is responsible for assisting RDCs in administering and mustering night study and mandatory night study classes. The EPO will attend a BMO/Testing brief.


Recruit Athletic Petty Officer (APO) (RPO3)

The Recruit Athletic Petty Officer is responsible to RDCs for:

  1. Assisting RDCs with Physical Readiness Training.
  2. Providing non-participation or substandard performance documentation to the MYN.
  3. Attending a Physical Fitness Testing brief.


Recruit Religious Petty Officers (RPO) (RPO3)

There will be at least a Catholic and Protestant RPO appointed for each division. If a division has three or more recruits of the same religion, a religious petty officer shall be appointed to represent that faith. RPOs are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring all recruits who desire to pray are afforded such an opportunity at tattoo
  2. Attend mandatory meetings at the Chaplain's Office Thursdays at 1900 commencing on the first Thursday following 1-2 DOT and continuing until graduation, with the exception of FAST Cruise and Recruit Reception Night.
  3. Report to the chapel each Sunday 30 minutes prior to the scheduled service to serve as a chapel assist or usher.
  4. Ensure all personnel desiring to attend divine worship services are aware of location and time of services.


Recruit Mail Petty Officers (MPO) (RP03)

The MPO is responsible for pick-up and delivery of all mail. Designation as MPO includes special qualifications at mail orderly orientation and custody of a mail orderly card.


Recruit Damage Control Petty Officer (DCPO) (RP03)

The DCPO is responsible to the RMAA for:

  1. Correcting any fire hazards.
  2. Maintaining division fire extinguishers, to include proper location and working order.
  3. Assisting RDCs with minor repair and general maintenance of the compartment.
  4. Documenting any material discrepancies on the MDCOL that cannot be corrected.


Recruit Chaplain Program Assistant (RCPA) (RPO3):  assists in the chapel on Sunday (or other day as needed) and assists the division's RRPO and acts as a liaison between recruits and the Chaplain or Religious Program Specialist.

Recruit Forward Hold Petty Officer (RFHPO) (RPO3):  in charge of cleaning supplies.

Recruit Head Petty Officer (RHPO) (RPO3):  Although this one sounds very important, it means the recruit is in charge of keeping the bathroom (Head) clean, which would be an important position given that up to 86 recruits would be using that Head.

Recruit Ironing Petty Officer (RIPO) (RPO3):  assists the RLPO and is in charge of ironing some items for the division and overseeing the ironing that is done by the recruits to assure that it is up to Navy standards. (This is not an official position, but we have seen it several times.)

Recruit Repair Petty Officer (RRPO) (RPO3): assists the RMA and assists with any repairs needed within the compartment. (This is not an official position, but we have seen it several times.)

Recruit Sweater or it may be Sweats (Smurf) Petty Officer (RPO3):  assists the RLPO with the washing and folding of the sweat suits. (This is not an official position, but we have seen it several times.)

Recruit Weapons Petty Officer (RWPO) (RPO3):  assists the RMA and oversees the exchange of the weapon at change of watch.






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Comment by NavyDads Admin (Paul) on April 26, 2020 at 7:40pm

They exist to help develop leadership abilities...he's in the military....you do what you are told

Comment by Jillian Fallows on April 26, 2020 at 7:15pm

Do these matter at all?  My kid called home and said some guy took him in am office and asked him to be the recruit yeoman and my kid told him no becuase he was already going to be an E3 and he didn't want to but he would be the EPO.  So he is the EPO.  Which is weird becuase the reason he joined the navy is becuase he was over college.  

I told him he needs to figure out pretty quick if getting asked to do something in the Navy is like the real word where when you are asked it means you are doing it.

Comment by Navy Dads Co-Admin Tom on July 17, 2016 at 11:00am

Recruits are chosen to fill these positions during Boot Camp. Some positions are for the duration of Basic....others may rotate so that more Recruits can get a taste of a leadership position. Note that the "Rank" is ONLY for the time of Basic and is surrendered at PIR!


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