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My daughter is scheduled to head to GL in early July.    She recently had a bout of the doubts about the whole process.  But a frank discussion with her NC1 and myself seem to have calmed her nerves.  She's worried about loosing friends, missing out on summer fun before she heads out, and all those youthful things.  Plus she'll turn 18 during bootcamp.  I'm sure many parents have been through similar experiences with their "Future sailor".  I don't want to over do it in reassuring her, as it seems she's ready to go again.  I fully support her choice in the USN, and can't think of a brighter future for her.  Is there anyone out there whose "Future sailor" stared questioning their decision, who might offer some advice on how to continue giving support without being overbearing?

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Think the majority of sailors at sometime have doubts that they'll be able to handle it.  At her age it is a big step into being an adult....but in the end she makes the journey and your job is to be there, to listen and to gently guide her into making the right choices. The important thing that you have realized is not to be overbearing and not to let her feel like you've pushed her into something. Clearly you've done a good job! Be there for her and draw her into opening up about the doubts and fears she has.....remember guys want answers and gals want someone to listen and understand....keep at it!

We have a future sailor who will also head to GL the first of July.  He has been excited thru the whole process. While I'm sure he has had his moments of second thoughts, they have been overshadowed by the fact that he knows the path he has chosen will not leave him in debt to college loans for a job that may not come after all the college stuff.   Maybe it would help your sailor to plan a special long weekend trip with just her friends.  Are you planning a party to celebrate her and the incredible opportunties she has ahead? Maybe a fun activity would be to buy a big wall map and put up in her room with pins of all the places she could be stationed, and then do other colored pins in places she may be going into port around the world and look up some of the incredible things to do in those places.   We're doing a party the end of this month so he will have the full month of June to get ready and be able to go on fun outings with his buddies.  This is our only child, so while I can't offer guarantees, I have heard that many sailors make life long friends that become an extension to your family.  From a future Navy mom :)  Tell your daughter THANK YOU and we wish her the best of luck, lots of fun, and lots of advancements!!!  Tell her the world is hers to conquer!  And just as exciting as the rest of the things, tell her to think about this. . . About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered!!!  She will be one of the few people who will truly get to explore this part of the earth's surface that most people only dream of!!!!  

Oh another idea may be to go to a place that has a ship or a sub that she could tour. . . . a short family vacation maybe to the place she will be doing her additional Navy training to show her around the town and places she could go and activities in the area.  Not sure of your finances, but if she's never been on a cruise (and yes I know a cruise is not the NAVY) but it could excite her more about being able to go and see other parts of the world thru her Navy career.  Maybe you could squeeze in a short 4 day Carnival cruise in June.  



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