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Years ago, I wanted to help our sailors by sharing little sayings that I learned in the fleet to remember really hard stuff.  I'm an extremely lazy person and the easier I can get  something done, the better.


I wanted to pass my knowledge onto the sailors on my website so they can learn the tricks that I had to  teach myself through the Craig's Home School of Hard Knocks...  I made "Vets Helping Sailors" my key name because  I wanted other Vets to help me, but it didn't pan out. Here is one of them.


Paul B~ This is the sheet I was talking to you about.  In IT school, Frequency Spectrums is one of the hardest areas to learn.  They drop more people from that area than anything else.  It is extremely hard to learn.  If you remember this saying, and remember only one frequency, then you will ace that section....  Here it is....


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that's great! That ranks right up ther with the 12 cranial nerves of the human body:

Olfactory I On
Optic II Old
Oculomotor III Oylmpus
Trochlear IV Towering
Trigeminal V Top
Abducens VI A
Facial VII Finn
Auditory (vestibulocochlear) VIII And A
Glossopharyngeal IX German
Vagus X Viewed
Spinal Accessory XI Some
Hypoglossal XII Hops

Of course that was a little tame for some buddies and I so we made a much more explicit version that I really cannot post in public.....I never forget THAT version!!!!
Craig-Thanks for that...I'll take a copy to my son and give it to him after his PIR! That reminds me of a resistor value color code saying, where each color has a numerical value:
Black 0 "Bad
Brown 1 Boys
Red 2 Ravish
Orange 3 Our
Yellow 4 Young
Green 5 Girls
Blue 6 But
Violet 7 Violet
Grey 8 Gives
White 9 Willingly"

There are additional bands for tolerance, multiplier, and quality, but they will learn all that too, just like we had to do. Here's a link to some more info on resistor stuff, for those that are interested:

See you at PIR!
It continues as
To = +/- 2%
Good = Gold
Sailors = Silver



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