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Our son reports for basic training at Great Lakes on June 9 and then is scheduled to go to Pensacola for IT A school.  His contract says that A school will be 14 weeks but everything I've read online says it is 24 weeks.  Who's right here?

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Steve, the typical answer for all things Navy/Military: it depends. My son is an IT in Norfolk VA now. He classed up on 12 July 13 and graduated on 22 November 13. That was 19 weeks and 2 days. But also understand he left boot on 29 June 13 so was in Pensacola for 12 days before he classed up. He really didn't know his graduation date for sure until some time in October. Also, if you want to give him some good counsel, encourage him to really apply himself to his studies when he gets to A school. My son has a college degree and went in as an E-3. But much to the dismay of his dad, he partied a little too much in school. As such his GPA was not high enough to apply directly to OCS. But when he got to Pensacola, he worked like dad always knew he could. He graduated #2 in his class and with honors. As such, he was recommended for an accelerated promotion. Once he completes 4 months in Norfolk (April) he will be bumped to IT3 (Petty Officer 3rd Class). Good luck to your son in both boot and A school. It seems like only yesterday I was in your shoes.....the time WILL fly by.....hold on for the ride and lean on your fellow Navy Dads for answers to questions and just moral support in general. This is a great place to be!

Thanks for the reply.  My son is in the same situation.  Graduated from college in December with a good but not great GPA, thus no application to OCS.  Hopefully he will work hard at Pensacola and maybe have a chance at OCS a little later down the road.  We'll see.

Yes, my son was above a C but not quite enough. A Chief at Norfolk told him he needs to look into applying for OCS. He is evaluating the option. The nice thing is there is no rush for them to make decisions.....a day at a time.



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