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He should be getting started in Corry Station studying IT about now.  I have no idea what his life will be like but if he can work and play on computers, and go bowling and play pool, he's going to be pretty happy.   :)

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As I recall, my son said the academic side was pretty intense (and he was already a college graduate).  Corry Station itself is a small base separated from the other installations in Pensacola.  He may spend 2-4 weeks waiting for a class to form up, meanwhile he will be doing whatever is needed.  Not sure about the bowling/pool opportunities (our son is a tennis player).  Good luck on his IT career.  Our son went straight from Corry Station to the Truman (CVN 75) and is currently in the Arabian Gulf.

The areal photo shows tennis courts.  One of my son's other interests is horses, but no stables there.  :D

There are tennis courts on the base but they are in poor condition.  Offbase but nearby are some nice courts if your son plays.

If he goes off base I bet he will want to ride horseback on the beach.

He was able to go bowling last week and was happy about his score.  165 or something.  :)

I'm wondering how competitive school is for IT students.  I think he is going to have to bring his study habits up a couple notches.  :)  

And what is it like being deployed as an IT in the Navy?  Will the hours be brutal?  Will he ever get any fresh air?  Will he get some liberty when at port?

My son had graduated from Western Ky Univ, with a degree in business management before enlisting, and he told me that parts of the IT school were really difficult, harder than his college courses.  He had to study quite a bit as I recall.  But, he made it through, and I'm sure your son will too.

My son is currently deployed on the USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75), a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier in the Arabian/Persian Gulf.  He is working 12 hr shifts everyday, started out on the night shift and is now working days.  Fresh air?  Depends on what type of ship he is assigned to.  If you're down in the bowels of a carrier, not too much daylight/fresh air there.

Port calls.  I believe they made two on the way over, and have made 3 in Dubai since reaching their assigned destination.  Probably have at least one more to do at Dubai, and then hopefully a couple on the way home.

I live about 7 minutes from Corry Station. Pensacola has a lot of things to do. Your son likes to bowl? The best lanes I've seen so far is Cordova Lanes. Also, the beaches are great.

He should be graduating and going on leave next week!  I'm so looking forward to seeing him.

He has graduated A school now, and is coming home for a couple weeks!

He did enjoy some bowling on base.

His orders are to report in Seoul Korea.  That should be exciting!  I sort of think that means he will be stationed in Busan but he really has no idea.

I would love to visit SK some time.



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