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Any parents out there for this group interested keeping in touch during the process, we are newbies to all of this and willing to talk to any as we watch our kids through the process of OCS.
God bless.

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Jim, thank you to your child and to you for their service. This is the beginning of a great adventure.
If you are on Facebook, search the "groups" for Navy OCS. You will see a lot of groups, hopefully someone starts one for Friends and Family of Nacy OCS 17-16. My son was class 08-16 and we had a very active Facebook group. It is a fantastic way to share info.
You will also want to search for the page Officer Training Command Newport. This is the official site for their part of the base. The Navy posts pictures, by class each week. It is fun to try to find your child in all of the photos. For us it was a giant game of Where's Waldo among bald white guys. Of course, reach out here and we will help as much as possible.
Good luck to your future US Navy Officer.


My son Michael is 17-16 Bravo. Look forward to sharing our experiences.

Paul McFillin

Birmingham AL

Hi Jim & Paul,
My son Isaac is in 17-16 Bravo also.
My son had met up with two candidates at the Rodeway Inn on Saturday night and they went out to dinner together. One 19 year old (I couldn't believe he finished college at 19) and a 26 year old (prior enlistee) from Corpus Christi Texas. About 30 of them were already chatting on Facebook once they got their class number. Look forward to chatting with you all in the coming weeks. Aloha!

My Son is in 17-16.

whoops, didn't see this thread and started another.  Oh well, I'll add my post here:

My son Zachary is SNA (Pilot) and in 17-16 A.  Has anyone heard anything from their sailor?  One dad posted they'd heard when their son was given a billet (class office, I guess?).  I guess that was a special priviledge, and we shouldn't hear till the third or fourth week after their RLP (inspection).  Also, from what I've heard, graduation is Sept 30th, for those that don't roll.  That's the extent of my indoctrination into Navy parenthood so far.  Any other tidbits?

Thanks for the thread Jonas. My son Matt is scheduled to be a SWO (Surface Warfare Officer). I have no additional info on the training. Matt has been active duty (enlisted) in USAF as a ATC and then at SouthCOM as a Warfare Air Space Planner, for 6 years. He graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University last year and put his package together to become an officer in the Navy. He's on the upper age limit level at 29. He proposed to his sweetheart right before he left for OTC. She is completing her education at AU to become a Dr of Audiology. 

Jonas, I responded to your other thread so I figured I should respond here as well.
My son Rich was class 08-16 and also SNA. He is now in Corpus Christi and begins Primary next week. You are correct that you will not hear anything until after RLP which is at the end of week 3. When they pass RLP they are no longer Indocs, they become Officer Candidates. With that they get to sign up for phone time and also get email. Up until the end of week 3 the "no news is good news" applies.

Wow! Great story, Chris.  Matt sounds like a terrific guy.  Hope Zach meets him and can use him as a resource on Navy/military stuff.  Zach has no prior experience:  went to college, then got his Master's in Resource Economics at Umass, but always wanted to serve.

Incidently, my daughter is at UVM study Speech and language science,. She'll probably go on in Speech pathology or Audiology.

Thanks RJ.  I'll try to stop posting in the other thread, too.  This one's got more participants already.

Jim, you haven't told us about your sailor.  Since he is in 17-16 A with Zachary, I'm interested.

I read somewhere that about 2/week is good.  I waited a week and sent one off yesterday.  I'm not usually much of a writer, but will try to get a few off, as I hear its a boost during some of the tough weeks.

Bald is Beautiful!

Jim Gauley said:

Pics on FaceBook are available here^^^^^.

It's great to see our boy! Bald as an eagle!
Rich here. Thanks for creating the thread discussion. My son Bret is in 17-16B. I'm a retired Naval Officer. Happy to answer any questions.



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