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Our son was on track to go through Battle Stations this past Wednesday.  About a week before he had to be treated for pneumonia.  He placed a supervised call to us on Wednesday to let us know he couldn't go through Battle Stations until he is returned to full duty and passes his PFA.  His graduation was scheduled for 30th.


Pray for our son.  He has always been like a rock.  My wife and I are having trouble dealing with the "not knowing".  The fact that he has never been sick makes it even harder.  So, please pray for us, as well.

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Thomas God bless you, your family and your son at this difficult time. The not knowing is the most difficult thing about our sons and daughters serving especially in boot camp. My son was almost delayed some 4 years ago but he got in the last minute and was not delayed. My prayer is for total healing for your son and comfort for you and your family. I pray that he and you will stand strong in your faith and trust in the Lord with all your heart at this very difficult time. Proverbs 3:5 and 6. Please keep us posted.



Thanks for your prayers, Scott.  Knowing that others have been there, helps a great deal.

Dear Lord, We lift up this child of Christ to you.  Wrap your arms around him and bring him comfort and healing.  Support the family as they wait.  Let them know that you are a caring Lord, and that you will find the path to all Battle Stations.  Amen

Thomas, First let me tell you that our prayers are with you.  Our son has been in the Navy over a year now.  He has been slammed with a multitude of set backs that were not his fault; illness being one.  I have another son in the Marine Corps and his entry into the Marine Corps almost paralleled his brothers with set backs.  They are both in their MOS and doing well now.  The reason I mentioned this is because it was groups like this that helped carry us through.  The power of prayer and the community of prayer is very powerful.  Feel the warmth in your heart as the good Lord helps you and your family through this.  I used to say a prayer that the Lord would dispatch a Guardian Angel to watch over them... It worked.  Your son is still a rock, he's just a little under the weather right now.  The Lord will carry him through and he will be stronger for the experience.


Tom -- Your family is in our prayers. Both our sons in the Navy and the Air Force always relayed unfortunate stories about recruits in basic that were delayed. They also both mentioned the pick up (from previous groups) of some of those who were delayed and put into their graduating class. Know that this is common and that, while it is upsetting to parents and family (and a bummer that the sailor can't graduate with "his class"), he actually ends up meeting an even greater number of sailors as he has been a part of TWO classes. It's not the norm, but there are positives. He'll likely have a larger 'network' of buddies with which to share personal experiences while in the service. And then there are those who WILL graduate RTC on time but get set back in tech school for various reasons. You never know if/when your son will meet back up with one of his RTC buddies while completing his service. Also, it's not unlikely that a sailor ends up with with far more buddies, or at least closer bonds, from his training school than he ever might have had at RTC. The military has excellent health care for these types of routine issues. Don't be too worried about that. I'm saying that even though we went through the same worrying when our son picked up bronchitis while at basic in the AF. The good Lord has his own plans for how our children get through the trials and tribulations of basic training and it just turns out differently for different recruits. Keep positive and keep praying -- both work!    :-)

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.  We really needed that right now.

Thomas, our son had his share of trials and I prayed that he could handle them.  He has been completing his 4th year and been strengthened by the process.  He serves on an attack sub and runs marathons when he has the opportunity.  We are amazed at his accomplishments.  I pray for your son's success

Thomas, my family will pray for your son and his return to full health.  I encourage you that the "not knowing" also has another side.  We usually never know the "good" (beneficial) reasons why a graduation date is delayed or changed.  I look forward to hearing good news in the future and your son's eventual graduation.


Thanks again to everyone for your prayers a support.  We just heard from our son.  He passed his final PFA and is headed to Battle Stations tonight.

Glad to hear Thomas... Having Kids in the military is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes they're up and sometimes they're down.  The most you can do at this point is provide them with moral support.  While sometimes you wish you could do more; my boys told me that it was the moral support through letters that got them through boot camp.  Be proud "Dad" your son just tackled something bigger than he is and he's holding his ground.

Thomas H Sircy said:

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers a support.  We just heard from our son.  He passed his final PFA and is headed to Battle Stations tonight.

Thomas, glad to hear the news and thanks to GOD.

Please let us know the date of your son's PIR and his division.  I will watch the live stream if possible.





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