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To date, my son is currently aboard the USS Anchorage (LPD 23) in Naval Base San Diego... How about you?

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 My son is stationed on the USS Louisiana SSBN 743 as a FT3 out of Washington.

My son, Evan McGlenn PO2 MMW2, is aboard SSN 717 USS Olympia. Stationed in Pearl Harbor ,Hawaii. They returned last week from about a three week deployment and patiently awaiting leave in a couple of weeks during stand down.

Chuck, Tim and Scott Welcome to the Group!

My son is enjoying NAS and finally got to wear his civies. He's looking forward to studying hard and finishing up school then ten days of liberty which he'll spend here at home before he deploys. We're hoping to see him around early February 2012.

Our son is coming back to California.  After completing basic training, he remained at Great Lakes for both ATT School, and A School.  He completed A school on 12-16-11 and has remained at Great Lakes waiting his assignment for C School.  He got verbal orders yesterday that he will be starting C School on May 7 in San Diego.  We live near Sacramnto, so it will be nice to have him closer for awhile.

That's great news John, that your son will be close to home. Hopefully Southwest air has some cheap rates to San Diego since gas is over $4/gallon.

To date my son is stationed in Naval Base San Diego and is constantly training and working hard. He's been given orders several times on the USS Peleliu (LHA-5) and will soon join his shipments on the USS Anchorage (LPD-23) in Avondale, LA. He's completed SRF-B and SRF-A training with hopes to complete VBSS. He is loving every minute in the Navy and working with his fellow Marines...

My son is currently in Aviation Structural Mechanics (AM) "A" School in Pensacola Fl.  He said the weather is too hot there!! LOL And we have lived in Bakersfield his whole life...LMAO

Hey Ron first I'd like to welcome you to "Proud Californians" Group! Funny you mentioned this, my son said the same exact thing about the weather in Pensacola, FL. Described it as annoying and what not when he was there for "A" School (ABH). We've been to Orlando for vacay and I thought he liked that heat. It's gotta be the humidity to blame hehe... We're used to 80-90 degree weather and I know out there in Bakersfield it gets hot too! Originally from SoCal, I love the heat :)

Ron Bowen said:

My son is currently in Aviation Structural Mechanics (AM) "A" School in Pensacola Fl.  He said the weather is too hot there!! LOL And we have lived in Bakersfield his whole life...LMAO

Me too....I love the heat....when I was in great lakes back in 88...I got there in october and stayed for a school until june...they kept gets hot 90 degrees...I said, we get 108 days all the time in cali, so I am not was I wrong...LOL...the humidity plays an IMPORTANT factor...LMAO.....thanks for the welcome!! I get down to Marina Del Rey area quite a bit and do a little sailing....if you are still in so cal, you should come along sometime....I love being on the ocean!!

My son surprised us by showing up at home Friday before last.Flew into Modesto from SFO and rented a car called us from his cell phone in the driveway and said "Hey I'm home,open the garage door"  

What a great surprise Tim...Congrats!!!!

After 15 months at Great Lakes, my son John started C School in San Diego on Monday, May 7.  While he was at Great Lakes his wife was living in West Hills California with her parents. On February 8 she gave birth to our first Granchild, a little girl they named Sophie Grace.  My son is thrilled to be back in California, reunited with his wife and new baby.  We can't wait to see him. Spoken to him on the phone several times. He loves the base in San Diego.



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