Navy Dads

My son graduated last week from MT school at KB, we flew in for the graduation! So happy we were there! He spoke to the audience about the US Navy submarine program and history. I was in the moment, very proud, very thankful to have a young new US submariner for my son. He was so enthusiastic for us to see the training facility in Kings Bay, it was really a great experience to see what these young men had been learning and to meet the Captain and training PO's. We really enjoyed! He got orders to join the USS Louisiana in Bangor, Blue Crew I believe. We will get a chance to enjoy some time next week as he will be enroute from Georgia. Southern Cali will be a stop on his way north! I have lots to learn about how to support him, keep in touch when he is out, and to learn more about what he will be up to. I thank you all in advance for your advice, shared knowledge and support!

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