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My son is currently at Boot Camp, and has been steered toward submarines. I just received his first "real" letter today, and it mentions that since he may be going into submarines, they're going to give him a "special physical." Does anyone know more about this, what it entails, and how it differs from the standard physical given to all Navy recruits? Thanks!

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Dear Sir, Thanks for your son's service. All I can share is what i learned from my Bubblehead son, an ET Third Class, "Radioman".

He told me how one guy , 99% through Sub and "A" School, etc., had his last physical before going to the fleet, and his wisdom teeth caused him to get canned. All that training and money and blood, sweat, and tears for nothing. They pulled my son's wisdom teeth in Boot Camp, so go figure ??!! My son's eyes just made it under the wire. However, both my and son in law - who  is a Bubblehead Ossifer -  they both  say  your un-corrected eyes ain't that important under the ocean, especially when the Boat is filled with smoke from a fire, because during that situation nobody can see well, so it doesn't make a real difference. Hope your  son makes it, and God's Peace to you and your family. Sincerely, Weehawker.

Thanks Weehawker! As fate would have it, my son said in his letter today that he'd just had two wisdom teeth pulled, so maybe there's something to that, though I don't really understand what the significance could be. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome, and good luck to your family members!

My son grad sub school about a year ago.  I am not aware of any special medical testing other than I think they do an ear pressure test to see if the increased pressure bothers them.  He came home for a short visit after Sub school grad then went back.  He was flown to Europe and caught his attack sub back to CT. We hope he will get to come home (Texas) before the end of the year. We are so proud of his accomplishments as I am sure you are proud of your son.


 I do recall  my son had a "special physical" in Boot Camp,but he didn't say much about it. His wisdow teeth were pulled in Boot Camp also.

Thank your son for me for choosing to serve his country. It seamed like a long journey from Boot Camp to my son getting his boat. Best wishes for your son. 



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