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Gives a good summary of Tiger cruise do's and don'ts....

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This is a good basic safety video.
First and foremost, you are embarking on a warship, not a cruise ship. They are not designed for your comfort so be prepared for tight quarters and to be able to entertain yourself! There is no normal phone service, very limited internet access and no cable TV. When you board the ship...TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE! Yes you will see crew members using their phones while in port or near shore, but remember they have been away from home for months, so cut them some slack.
I have been on 2 Tiger Cruises and a family day on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN76 and there is much more that is not said. First, pack light, you probably have a long walk to and from the ship. Lugging heavy bulky suitcases up the entry stairs and gang plank, then up and down narrow stairways will prove the point of pack light. So leave the kitchen sink at home.
Knee-knockers yes, but also watch your head on hatch covers going up and down stairways. I have left skin from my head on the Reagan hatch covers and shin skin on knee knockers on the USS Missouri. It hurts! Last year in the Reagan Tiger cruise a Tiger fell down a stairwell and got several stiches in her forehead for her trouble (Lack of concentration I suspect) so pay attention to whats around you. I have seen people smacked by WTD (water tight doors) being opened from the other side from where you are going from. Close all WTD doors behind you! Pay attention.
If and when you are allowed on the flight deck, the crew will provide safety zones, stay in those areas.
Bring shower shoes, you dont want to know what could and probably is on the floor of the showers!
Do not wear any hats in the Galleys! Galleys are also designated as emergency triage areas and crew members uncover in those areas as a sign of respect for the wounded. So watch the crew members, where they have their covers on, you can wear a hat to, where they have their covers in their hand or tucked in their uniforms, do the same. No hats on the flight deck.
When passing an Officer in a gangway, move aside for them, its a sign of respect for them.
You probably wont wear as many clothes as you think you will, plus remember you already have the dirty clothes from your trip to the ship that you will be packing in your locker and carrying off the ship.
There is no use of cash on the ship, so put some money in your sponsors ship account so you can go to the ships store, get a soda or snacks from the machines etc.
Theres plenty of food served on the ship, dont expect any cuisine, its all kind of bland. The salsa is the first thing to be used up. When finished eating, scrape your plate just like the crew members do, remember they are preparing many thousands of meals a day and the skullery crew doesnt have time to clean up after you. Watch your footing around the skulery areas, they can be fluids and or food spilled and slips can happen.
The ships store is not open like your local 7-11 and there can be lines waiting to get in when it is open. I suggest let the crew members go first, they are not on vacation and have someplace to be, so their time is limited for things like the ships store. Get used to PO3's and others getting in line in front of you, its the accepted practice on the ship, so show respect and say, you first.
Most importantly...dont fall off the ship, it takes over a mile to stop a Carrier and your head bobbing out in the ocean is a small target for aft watch to see and helo crews to come out and pluck your butt out of the ocean.
So have fun, be safe, pay attention and remember, your actions reflect directly on your sonsor.
Thanks Thomas for your valuable input here. Much of what you have said is common sesne, but we all know how little of that there is anymore! I'm looking forward to my cruise and hope to have many photos to post and much to blog about!!
Does anyone know if we're allowed to snap pics while on the ship?

I took just shy of 600 pics on my 2 1/2 day cruise
james brown said:

Does anyone know if we're allowed to snap pics while on the ship?



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