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I am planning to go on the Hawaii to San Diego TC. If anyone has any new info  to help in making plans and reservations,feel free to share and I'll do the same. I'll be flying from Jacksonville,N.C. so maybe we can put together a travel group.

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Hello all,  I will be attending both legs of the Stennis Tiger Cruise and will be arriving on Wed. before the anticipated arival date that we can board at the first leg.  I will be going as a single.   If anyone is interested in sharring the expence of a room. Please let me know.  Thank you,  Dave

It would be great to put a travel group together and find a hotel were many could stay.

Like I said earlyer I am willing to share a room and split the cost of a room.  I am leaving from Pheonix and will arrive about six days before the first leg of the TC.  Thanks Dave

David,I think I may be there on the 16th. What hotel will you be staying and do you have someone to share with?

We are staying at the Waikiki Gateway Hotel. If you or others would like more info please email me at smegal _ 125@ hotmail .com  Thanks Dave

So far there will be a few of us Navy Dads staying at the Waikiki Gateway Hotel.  Click on this link, enter your dates and click on the Hawaii 5-0 discount tab to save $50,00 a night and pick your room.  This is non refundable and full payment must be made. For more info please email me at smegal _ 125 @ Hotmail .com   

For shuttle info from HNL airport.  Roberts Hawaii provides multiple hotel stops for $12.00 one way.  They are suppose to have a area by baggage to check in with your shuttle conformation.  I have also booked with them to get to the Gateway Hotel but service many other Hotels.  Dave

I was waiting to get reservations until the dates for the first leg was announced. It sounds like several people have already arranged their reservations and I was wondering if I've missed something.

Are they having two legs now? I thought only one Hawaii to SD?

I assume there will be a Hawaii to San Diego and then a San Diego to Bremerton like last year.

hi - unless something had changed within thismonth they were only going to have one leg this time....

That may be very possible. I made the assumption there must be two again this year when I read David (in this string) was going on both legs.

I am informed there is only one TC this year. From #50 east word. No south to north cruise this year. And I would not put it past Obummer to cancel it much like the WH tours.



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