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You guy's are experienced now, I may be next, I hope on the USS Carl Vinson. I am wondering, once in the Hawaii Airport and you catch your cab to Pearl Harbor Naval Base are you able to get on the Base with your TC paper's or do we need another type of ID to get on the base to meet our sailor's. If so how do we get our ID for that. Also wondering just how much info. do they send us with our approval.You know so that you can get everything situated before hand. Like plane flight, Hotel and thing's to do in Hawaii. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Been trying my friend Jim Beck, but I have a feeling he may be doing some more visiting with Brian in San Diego.


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I did not embark in Hawaii, but did so in San Diego. Info on what I was supposed to do was almost nil. I arrived in SD and waited for the ship to come in. I did walk onto base, it was a long one, could of driven on if the cabbies would tell you wich ones were allowed to drive on. You will be on a list at the gate to be allowed in.

Any info will come from your Sailor!!

In SD we went to the USO at the airport, signed in and they called us by our sailors rate and we went to the ship via a very nice shuttle bus.


The cruise was awesome! I will post more tomorrow

An old buddy drove me to Coronado NASNI and we were permitted aboard with passes. After some delay, my son was able to meet me and escort me aboard and I bunked in his area.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have met my son's shipmates, co-workers and members of his chain of command. The ship is massive and I initially wandered like a rat in a maze, but quickly learned to find my way about by using a reference point (the hangar deck) and developing a path from that. I remain lastingly impressed and grateful for the opportunity, as well as all the courtesies and hospitality with which I was treated. My son is justifiably proud of his ship, and I now share that pride and I will continue my enthusiastic support.

It has been 40+ years since this old Marine has been aboard a Navy vessel (and those were APAs, AKAs and LSTs). I've worked productively with all branches of service, and I'm well aware it's a synergistic team effort. I'm glad I had this chance to spend quality time with my son, and I have a better picture of his role and the larger role of the ship. God bless all who sail aboard the vessel. 

To get on the base you need Military ID or your sailor Has to submit your info to the ship so you are put on the list to enter the base.  You also need to bring your TC paperwork and picture ID such as DL.  Any info for the TC comes from your sailor


Met up with my daughter's ship in Hawaii, you can get a cab or a bus to the base. I took a bus, it dropped me off right at the gate. My name was on a list as a tiger and I was able to walk right on the base. A pretty large base at that. The Stennis docks quite a walking distance from thr rest of the battle group. It was a good hike to the destroyers!



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