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What Happens When It Snows In The South!

This is what happens when it snows in the South

I have the pleasure of having this unique snowman in my front yard. Only in the South! will you find a redneck version of what a snowman is suppose to look like. My kids had a blast making this. We'll probably even have a few people shoot at it today. LOL…


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Veterans Day - Novemember 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Nov 11, 2009
May we all pause for a moment and give thanks to those who gave thier lives for our freedom. Also, always remember the men and women who are serving our country. And, to those veterans who are are our heros always and forever.

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Countdown! to 1000!


We are about to reach a huge milestone on Navy Dads. Our next member to join will be our 1000th member on the site. I want to thank everyone for making this site what it is today. Without our great members spreading the word about us this number would not be possible. Between emailing friends, adding beneficial information for others to find, to placing NavyDads cards on cars in parking lots. It has all helped in letting others know about the resource available to Navy… Continue

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Happy Anniversary NavyDads.Com


Where do I start?

June 18, 2008, I launched two days before my son's PIR. Once finding N4M's when my son left for boot camp I had a light bulb go off in my head to create a site for us dads too. I felt that we needed the support just as much as the moms but as men we weren't suppose to show it. To keep myself busy during Evan's boot camp days, I raced to have the site up and running before his graduation. June 20, 2008 my family and I watched Evan graduate as… Continue

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Happy Mothers Day

to all of our Navy Moms. I hope you all get a phone call from your Sailor on this day when it's time to honor Mom. Just remember, there would be no United States Navy without MOM. I hope you all have a day of pampering as you deserve.

Sincerely, EG

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Bravo Zulu! USS Bainbridge

Bravo Zulu! to the Sailors aboard the USS Bainbridge. You must click on this link and see one man's account of the Bainbridge.

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Breaking News - Capt Phillips is Freed

HooYah! Go Navy!

Capt. Phillips has been rescued by the Navy's finest. Our Navy SEALS have taken over the life boat and have killed three pirates, captured one, and have freed Capt Phillips. Let the world know that the United States Navy and our SEAL's teams are ready for anything that terrorists and pirates can throw at them. We do have the world's most powerful and best trained Navy on the globe. Thank you to our Navy and the Navy SEALS for freeing Capt. Phillips and bringing this… Continue

Added by E.G. - ND's Creator/Admin on April 12, 2009 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments Hits 500 Members!

HooYah! We have hit 500 members! I want to thank everyone for building such a solid foundation here at Navy Dads. This site would not be what it is today without the support and interaction of each and everyone of you. Hitting this mark is a huge accomplishment for our site. We have made friends, shared information, and most importantly, we've been here to support our Sailors. Our new Navy family at ranges from parents & family members to friends & supporters and also the… Continue

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Chat on Navy Dads

The chat feature on Navy Dads has changed a little. To enter into the chat room click on were it says Navy Dads (44 members online) then type your post in the box and hit enter to make the post show up. When you are done click the the arrow by the person icon and the chat box will be hidden again.

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According to a Marine Pilot:

In addition to communicating with the local Air Traffic Control facility, all aircraft in the Persian Gulf AOR are required to give the Iranian Air Defense Radar (military) a ten minute…


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Merry Christmas To Our Sailors

I want to wish all of our Sailors and Troops a very Merry Christmas.

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EagleBank Bowl: Navy vs. Wake Forest

I wanted the college football fans to know that Navy will play today at 10:00 am central on ESPN. GO NAVY!

Added by E.G. - ND's Creator/Admin on December 20, 2008 at 8:42am — No Comments

Army - Navy Game

The game is about to kick off. I wanted everyone to know that is a football fan. Go Navy! Beat Army!

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USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 - Welcome Home Nov 25, 2008


A special thanks to James from San Diego, Cal.. James was kind enough to take time out and film the USS Ronald Reagan coming home. Not only film it but edit, song, etc. We have some unbelievable Americans supporting our children. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you James for supporting our children. I will cherish this video forever since I was unable to see it… Continue

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Thank you to the men and women who have served - Have a happy and safe Veterans Day

I wanted to put this video up in honor of our veterans. It shows the sacrifice they made for our freedoms. Thank you all for your… Continue

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Little Six Champions - HooYah!

I am very proud of my Sailor and have shown him off time after time on this site. With that being said I must show off his little brother. Actually he is bigger than his older brother Evan. My middle son is in 8th grade and for the first time in his school's history he and his teammates have won the little six championship. Not only that but tonight they closed it out by doing it undefeated. My son Michael is number 55 in the middle standing… Continue

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The New Sailors Video

Everyone check it out. It is my first video to make. Look for your Sailors in it. If I left your child out I am sorry. I dug through the photos on our site to make this. I might have missed someone. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Network Problems

For some reason in the activity, groups, and discussions the underlining writing such as time of last activity ex. minutes or hours of last activity have faded into the background color. How many members in the groups is faded into the background. Also the discussions are having the same problem. I have contacted my network through which I run this site through. Hopefully they will have this fixed soon.

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Go Navy!

HooYah! Navy wins! Navy wins! Navy 23 - Rutgers 21 Go Navy!

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New Live Chat

By request from one of our fine members. We now have live chat. Live chat will be in the tabs (Live Chat) on the top of the main page and also at the very bottom of the main page. To chat simply type your text in the white box beside the smiley face and hit enter on your keyboard for it to post. This might be neat to actually meet others in live chat and be able to have a conversation real time. I hope ya'll enjoy!

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