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A Week with My Sailor

My son just went back to base after spending the last week home on leave. Looking back on the days we had together, I just can't imagine how it could have went better. We spent the first two days just sitting on the porch catching each other up on all that had happened in his life, and at home, for the last year. He entertained us with stories about the deployment and pictures of the far away places he had been to. It seems he had a grand adventure into parts of the world that I will never… Continue

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The Sacrifice of Seperation

After not being able to communicate for a long time, my son called his mom this week. The conversation was short, less than three minutes, but in that short time the concerns he expressed spoke volumes. There was no talk of what he had been doing, or of what he would be doing next. There was only concern for those here at home who he had left behind.

He said he had only been ashore long enough to exchange some currency and get to a pay phone. He had no idea how long he would have on… Continue

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Families Serve Too

I've often heard and read that the families of our military men and women serve too. That statement seems perfectly logical when you hear it, and I never really thought too much about it except to agree that our military families made sacrifices to allow their loved ones to serve our country.

The first time I actually experienced this was when my daughter's husband, a Marine, was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004. She moved back in with her mother and I for a while during that time.… Continue

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No communication

I feel strange today. Nathan just left on a long deployment, and although I knew it was coming I didn't expect to feel this way. Submariners are truly a different breed of men. It's odd knowing that I can't contact my son, but I can't imagine not being able to contact all. I'm proud of him, but I couldn't do what he does.

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