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Thank you all for the kind welcome. I told my daughter I really appreciated her becoming a sailor because I was having a blast already being a Navy dad. I've spent so many hours on line looking things up and sitting down at the recruiting office picking the two Petty Officers brains that I feel I could write a pretty comprehensive history of the Navy..........LOL Just an old retired geezer. Anyway thanks for the nice "Welcome Aboard". I have a couple of questions if i may. Jennifer won an award last week where she had to be recommended for it by her RDC's. She said the female Petty officer is a woman of few words, but when she speaks she commands a lot of respect. Well Jenny said she became quite vocal when she was discussing the actions that led to the nomination for the award. Very high praise apparently. Sorry. I guess I was bragging a little bit there. Would anyone know the name of the award. Jenny said they rattled it off so fast all she heard was, "merit" "war" and "dinner with the Admiral at the PIR with Mom afterwards. One more question. When she hits A school she thought she was told that if she graduated as one of the top three sailors in her class she has the option to choose the site of her first duty station. Any where in the world. Is this in fact true? So thanks again for the help and I am looking forward to talking with all of you....         Mike 

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Comment by Mike Barrett on May 30, 2012 at 8:59am

MILITARY ORDER OF THE WORLD WARS OF AWARD OF MERIT: Presented to the graduating recruit whose meritorious performance in recruit training demonstrated motivation and dedication to duty.  I think this is it. Jennifer remembers the words merit,war's, and military

Comment by NavyDads Admin, Tim on May 28, 2012 at 8:21pm


     I am not sure what the award she won is called. I have seen several people talk about it but off the top of my head cannot remember it. As for your other question yes if she graduates top of her class she will have the option to select where she will be stationed at. My son Trevor was second in his class and was told to select his top 3 places he would want to be stationed. He chose San Diego, Hawaii and Australia. He ended up taking San Diego as it would be easier for family to come see him and his little family.

     Now as far as the bragging never apologize for that as you will have many more chances to brag and we all look forward to hearing the newest bragging from all of the parents on Navydads.


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