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Thanks for all the info!  It's been a long process with my son and a seed that was planted a few years ago sprouted without me knowing.  We were watching TV a few weeks ago and he just looked over and said "I think I am going to join the Navy."  He was surprised when I agreed and asked how I could help.  He is a sophomore in college and is starting to see that a college degree doesn't necessarily prepare you for life or guarantee a future income

He's a very smart kid (94 on the ASVAB) but is kind of like a vehicle with a powerful engine and the wrong transmission, he just can't get going.  My hope is that the Navy will rebuild him and set him on a course that will tap his true potential.

With his score, they have offered him pretty much whatever he wanted to do and were pushing the nuke program on him.  Unfortunately, it doesn't mesh with his natural bent.  He has decided that intel is where he wants to be and offers him the long-term opportunities he is looking for in life.  We will see what he actually signs up for very soon. He is going to MEPS on Monday for processing and then in to the DEP till probably January.  His recruiter has been very helpful at each step.

I am looking forward to the guidance of those that have come before me on Navy Dads as well as contributing to those who have yet to come.  This site has been invaluable so far as we research the process he is getting ready to go through and try and avoid any pitfalls along the way.  (not to mention preparing our spirit for our boy's journey.)

Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know y'all more through the process.

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Comment by gary grantham on August 16, 2013 at 10:14pm

Have him look at any and all options. by now he has been processed @ MEPS and signed a contract for a job. He needs to look at all options available and if need be do PST every few weeks to become qualified for another position. and then maybe try for another position and contract.

My son went MEPs Oct 2012 signed contract for SEABEE Const Mechanic. He had 2 yrs college then Body shop training 2 yr worked as tech then 1 as  Estimator in shop; after he signed Contract decided to go SPec Ops  as diver. Moved home(out on own for 4 years) quit job worked out 5-8 hours a day and got DIver contract moved ship date from march to May. Now 24 yr old; PIR June 28 2013; now in finishing stages of Dive PRep. What a ride. His group has already had 25-30% drop out due to difficulty. Make sure your son is going HIS direction not the recruiter or you. Have him talk to current or retired sailors. My son became so committed during his DEP after talking with current and retired divers. I just cant' see him quitting at this point; He has said he has swallowed a lot of pool water but also said he will NOT quit.


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