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At 4:54pm on May 15, 2014, John F Swibes said…

Hi Calvin,

After a waiver delay my son finally arrived at Great Lakes on May 13.  

The last couple of weeks were hard on him as we was ready to go.  I had no inkling what my emotions would be like.  I guess a bit in denial and then the reality that he has moved out for good.  Tough to take.  We've spent a lot of time together since he graduated from University.

He is really looking forward to Coronado.

Thanks for you thoughts.

- John

At 9:37am on September 12, 2013, Vendela said…

Hey! Thanks so much for adding me. My fiancee is in the Navy and he's currently in boot camp! It's been sort of rough because one second he's there all day, everyday and now he's just gone without any way of contacting him.

He's in Ship 11 Division 395 and I got my first call from him last Saturday which was SO exciting. Over the phone he told me that the following Sunday, they would be able to finally send out their letters, so I've been waiting all week to get it!

His graduation is on October 18th and I'm so proud of him! He told me that a lot of his ship mates were dropping out left and right because of panic attacks and stuff. The Navy sounds like it's a good place and like they take care of them though. I know it's just hard being away from families and what not! 

I actually am going to be leaving for boot camp myself in January, so I'm excited about that too! 

I'm also so glad that your grandson is doing well in the Navy! I'll keep him in my prayers. c:

At 4:08pm on September 5, 2013, Kevin Hawkins said…

I have definitely found this helpful! Thank you for all that you all do!

At 1:49pm on September 5, 2013, William James Weatherspoon said…

Calvin, thank you for the "welcome" to NavyDads. Really glad to be a part. My son just deployed last night, so membership here is going to help a lot.

At 9:05pm on September 4, 2013, Kevin Hawkins said…
I do have a question. I want to book a room and flight as early as possible for graduation my son's ship date is 9/10. Will I be notified by someone with the graduation or is there a way to determine it based on the ship date? Thank you all for the warm welcome and answering my question?
At 7:29pm on September 4, 2013, Joe Willoughby said…



I appreciate the warm welcome.  I'm extremely proud of my daughter and can't wait to see her at graduation. She is scheduled to graduate on 27 September and I'm counting the days. After 24+ years of service I retired from the USAF last summer, so I understand military service very well; however, the Navy is distinctly different service and I'm unable to offer my daughter any sound career advice.

I've learned quite a bit from the website already. 



At 8:02am on August 24, 2013, Amanda Downing said…

Thanks for the info.  Schedule PIR is 9/27 (SR Killough, Caleb, Ship 09 DIV 370). So far only 2 calls home from Caleb to his Dad. The first one at 2:am local time (the safety arrival) missed that one.  But last week they connected for a few minutes.  Caleb was #1 in his first physical assessment.  So happy for him.

At 11:00pm on August 23, 2013, paul said…
Thanks Calvin my son left 8/13/2013 his rate is abh still waiting for are form letter any idea on how long it takes to get
At 3:25pm on August 11, 2013, Michael J. Tolliver Sr. said…

Thanks for the warm welcome.My father-in-law was in the Navy in WWII aboard the USS Wadsworth in the Pacific,he said it was the best job he ever had.Then two son and now a grandson. I can't wait to get back to Great Lakes to see him graduate.what I have seen of this site so far is great,so much more info than I had when my sons went in.Thanks to all who but this together . God Bless you    Mike

At 4:04pm on August 5, 2013, Greg said…

Thank you for the welcome, and for the information.

At 5:29pm on August 4, 2013, Steven E Schaffer said…

Thanks Calvin, i appreciate the welcome aboard. 

At 9:48am on July 31, 2013, Gary Ray said…

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to poke around for info, ask question that I need to and help out where I can. 

At 3:04pm on April 27, 2013, Darryl Brown said…

Thanks Calvin. I'm glad I've found the site.The information has been very helpful so far.  I'll definitely keep you posted on what's happening with Marques.

At 12:02pm on April 27, 2013, Mike Bennett said…

Hi Calvin, thanks for the welcome!  Like you, I don't know much about military life having not served.  I was in the last draft lottery and didn;t get called.  My brother was a Seabee in 1969 in Vietnam and my olderst son was a navigator on the Nimitz.  Now my youngest son joined becasue he couldn;t find a job in law enforcement after graduating from college wih a BA in Criminal Justice.  He has three more weeks of boot camp before going to MA "A" school.  I can't wait to go to his PIR.  My son and daughter are going too.  We're all so proud of him.  Thanks for all the information.  I have checked out the web site and joined a few groups.  It helps to have others in the same boat to cope and understand all of this.  LOL...  I look forward to being part of Navy Dads and sharing my experience with everuone.  Hoo Rah!

At 9:52am on April 24, 2013, William James Holston II said…

Thanks Calvin & I apologize for taking me so long in respondinthe . I have had a crazy work schedule. Due to that, I haven't had alot of time yet to spend on the site, but the time I have has been great. Hopefully, I will get to spend more time with everyone soon. Everyone seems to be so helpful to each other. Thanks again




At 1:34am on April 16, 2013, Darryl Brown said…

Thanks Calvin, I'm looking forward to connecting with every one.  Have a wonderful day!!

At 1:49pm on March 31, 2013, Cedric Bennett said…

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome, very much appreciated. As soon as I have news, I will post what I deem necessary and appropriate.

Have a great day, and thanks again for reassuring me!


At 4:43pm on March 29, 2013, Bob Locke said…

Thanks Calvin, and glad to be aboard.  Great site, and his mom really liked Navy for Mom's as well. It helped us both out immensly while Michael was in boot.  I'll check out the other groups and thanks again.



At 12:52pm on March 27, 2013, Robert w. McDonald said…

Thanks for the opportunity to join !!! Im excited to share my sons Navy adventure with him !!


At 1:56pm on March 5, 2013, Elizabeth McMillan said…

Thank You for the Invite! Looking forward to watching My Daughter Fly like an Eagle! 


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