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At 1:33pm on February 25, 2020, Rich Lorimer said…

Thanks for the warm welcome, Paul!

At 9:28am on February 23, 2020, Fernando Bolano said…

Thank you very much for allowing me to enter this select group being an honor for my wife and my person to know that our son is in one of the best community in the world as is the great family of the United States Navy I hope to attend his graduation as sailor but if I can't I know he won't be alone since he now has a big family

At 10:57pm on January 26, 2020, Peter C. Adrian said…

Thank you for the warm welcome!

At 2:53pm on January 10, 2020, Brian Mathon said…

Hi Paul, My daughter just shipped out to basic on Tuesday. If all goes well, she will be heading out to Pensacola in early March.

At 7:54am on January 9, 2020, Rob Steinhilper said…

Hi Paul,

 My son is on the Abraham Lincoln. This was his first deployment.

I am leaving for Hawaii to see him and go on a six day tiger cruise into San Diego.

A little nervous but extremely excited.


At 3:42pm on December 11, 2019, Tom FitzGerald said…

Hi Paul, thank you for your comment, you have so much experience to share about the Navy life. I found it reassuring that you have two children that are well established in the Navy. My first question would be concerning travel/accommodations to his graduation ceremony. I clicked on the link about it but it was not working. Do you have any suggestions as to websites that I could find out information regarding this? Thank you Tom

At 8:28am on November 1, 2019, Paul Aiello said…

HI Paul,

Thank you for all of the information and links.  We are very new to all of this and hopefully we can learn more about the Navy and how our son Robert is contributing.  I really appreciate you sharing some of your family background and as always we are very grateful for their service and commitments.

We are getting ready for our son's graduation, in Coronado in February 2020 and we rally would like to learn more about any of the procedures, requirements, or how events are scheduled.  we have a number of family members that would like to be there with us, however, i'm not sure how to advise them yet.

Any information that you or others may be able to share would be helpful and very appreciated.

Best Regards,


At 3:00pm on October 5, 2019, Michael S. said…

Very happy to be part of this community.  Thanks very much!

At 12:45pm on September 27, 2019, Matthew Bagley said…

Paul thanks very much for all the info. Hopefully I can contribute something to this forum. 

Also thanks for sharing about your family. 

my journey is just beginning 


At 6:32pm on September 21, 2019, David Benn said…

Paul. Thank you so much for the fantastic welcome to your page. I am glad to be here as I know so little about the Navy, Ships and overall hiw the Navy works as my son will be there for years to come. Not really used to not seeing him and that is rough. Or not getting a text for 2 weeks is kind of weird for me. I’m excited for him and his learning and new friends he will get over time. My son is protecting our great country and I love it!!! Looking forward to being a Navy Dad the rest of my life!!  

At 3:41pm on August 30, 2019, Dr Hazael Brown said…

Thanks Paul, for the web links. It provides great informations that help me understand what he will be doing and going through at OCS. The comments from like minded NavyDads and others were very encouraging and educative. The documentary videos I navigated were great. I thank you and your team for the info. Keep on the good work.

At 8:04am on August 15, 2019, Blair Blinkhorn said…

Thank you, Paul.  I'll check through both of your suggested links.

At 1:45pm on June 6, 2019, Rich Tate said…

Thanks for the welcome, Paul. I look forward to the resources here to get a better idea what he is going through during boot camp.

At 10:41am on April 1, 2019, Mike McKeough said…

Thanks for the info, Paul. Tommy PIR is April 12. So, this is all getting very real. 

At 1:26pm on March 13, 2019, David A said…

Thank you Paul, your comments are encouraging. I am looking into the resources you provided. We watched the documentary few weeks back when we learned he was going to boot camp. I finally got the his last phone call before starting boot camp. Fell asleep watching the documentary again after his phone call. 

At 1:44pm on March 12, 2019, Bob Barbaro said…

Thanks Paul I appreciate it. We'll be heading down to Ft Lauderdale in July for the commissioning..should be exciting

At 7:23am on March 10, 2019, Bob Barbaro said…

Thanks for your comments Paul..i appreciate them. My son as been ordered to serve on the USS Paul Ignatius. I was wondering how i could get in touch qith any other parents who's son's and daughters are alos going to be on there. Also, the commissioning ceremony is said to be during the week of July 21-28. How can i find out when the date of the actual commissioning is. My son doesn't seen to know bit he's not exactly someone that will go and ask questions. 

At 10:08am on March 7, 2019, Will R Santillana Jr said…

Wow...Thanks Paul! I've got a lot to digest. Thanks AGAIN.

At 7:11am on March 1, 2019, Thomas Case said…

Thanks, Paul for the Welcome Back,

I discovered Navy Dad's back in about 2012.  At the time I too was trying to learn as much as possible about the Navy.  My son went right from Waukegan straight to sub school in Grotton. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the Groton Townhouse with our son as it was his graduation from sub school.  

My wife and I had a pretty elaborate vacation planned, but we both decided his graduation from sub school was such a milestone, we felt it more important.

My son has been through quite a bit.  A lot he does not talk about because he holds true to his requirement for secrecy, but I do know he has lost 3 shipmates and had a bunkmate attempt suicide.  

So, After 3 funerals and the bunkmate incident, I was actually surprised that he re-upped again.  In these incidents the Navy seemed to do a good job of making sure everyone got the support they needed, contrary to some of the things you see and read in the news. 

We had a long talk and he simply told me that he loves the Navy, so he re-upped and has changed to the surface fleet and he seems to be liking it a lot.

I'm proud of my son; both of them, his brother served in the Marine Corp and after 4 years used his veterans benefits to become an electrician.

Anyway, I could write a book on my son's journey as well as my Marine son, but for now, I will simply say: "Thanks for the welcome back".


At 11:41pm on February 2, 2019, Robert Marshall said…

Thank you for your introduction, history and warm welcome Paul. You provided some great tips and links to help us navigate, learn and understand my son's and our journey. He is graduating this Friday, letters have been flowing frequently between us and he is PUMPED! All the best, Bob


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