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At 3:33pm on October 16, 2008, Jim Breen said…
Thanks for the Welcome.....James is stationed in Hawaii (tough Duty I know) aboard the USS Lake Erie.He's been in 2 years now and I see him during Christmas time.Twice in 2 years yuck.Oh well...he's doing what he needs to do.
Thanks again
At 8:25am on October 16, 2008, Cindy said…
Hey Paul thank you.. I am better now I have talked to Evan everyday since he was so down he sounds better every do I haha.. EG sent him a copy of the letter your son wrote and you posted on the site it helped him so much so thank Eric for me tell him his words helped a fellow sailor..I also want to thank you for all you do here also,you have been great. Thank you, Cindy
At 7:29am on October 15, 2008, Craig said…
Paul, first let me thank you again for this great site. It has allowed me to gain knowledge and insight to what lies ahead for both of my kids. All the kind words, awesome advice from all (even Terry!!), fantastic photos and the wonderful people I've met will allow me to continue to be a part of this...I'm a Navy Dad, allright!!!
At 6:18am on October 14, 2008, Chuck said…
Greetings! Andrew is settled in at Whidbey Island. His roommate is a sailor he knew at ATT school in Great Lakes. He and some other guys went hiking on Mt. Baker last weekend. Class up is Nov. 13. Hurry up and wait.
At 1:26pm on October 12, 2008, E.G. - ND's Creator/Admin said…
Paul thanks for the article. My local paper is doing an article about us Navy dads. It will be on the front page this coming Thursday. HooYah! I am pumped about that. It's like the article say's word of mouth is powerful. I will share it with everyone once I get a copy of it. I have researched navyformoms a lot. Who's idea it was, who owns it, who runs it, and it's intentions. I didn't no any of that when I started this site for the dads. I thought a mother created navyformoms. I knew us dads were just as concerned and involved with our children as the moms and I felt left out. So I started the dads site. This article explains the amount of traffic on our site from Tucson. I've wondered who from Tucson has visited our site so many times. I do agree with the article about the other branches following suit. This is the best source of info for us parents with children in the Navy( navydads , navyformoms ) Us dads play a very vital roll in children enlisting in the military just as much as the moms. Thanks again for the article.
At 8:15pm on October 11, 2008, Michele said…
Humor LOL that comic was hilarious!! Thanks :)
At 7:38am on October 11, 2008, Michele said…
Paul - Thank you so much for the comforting words and support! Wes didn't sign up for IA, since he has been in Pensacola he has been training with the Marines (not his choice) because of the rating he is - AT. I didn't think anything of it until about a week ago and I asked Wes 'why are you having to train with the Marines you aren't in medical?' He told me then there might be a chance the sailors with his rating will be sent to Iraq, but only a 30% chance. With that I was satisfied I still had a good chance, then yesterday my ex-husband calls with an update from his talk with Wes and says he is going probably before Christmas. I lost it then, per my post in Single Parents. I had a chance to sleep on it and it makes sense for his rating to be sent there with all the electronics on bases, vehicles, planes, etc. I did call Wes back to ask him if this was all true and he said, 'mom I should have my orders by Christmas but it isn't to say I am going to Iraq by then, dad must of mixed it up.' So I am doing a bit better in hopes I have more time yet. Wes will be a dad in January, they are having a girl and I don't want him to miss seeing his daughter before shipping out anywhere! Again thank you for all your support, it means the world to me to have people that care :). God Bless, Michele
At 10:42pm on October 10, 2008, Cindy said…
It snowed this evening! Yuck, ugh, and all those other words. Morgan was the one wanting snow.....I think it missed him, 'by the mile', as he used to say. It's times like tonight when I wished I was living in AZ. Hope things are going well.
At 3:56pm on October 10, 2008, Craig said…
Bass Pro is like a second home to me! We've decided on the mall gig already. He's in a 900 division so that will be WAY COOL! I'm staying at Navy Lodge and will get shuttle from where his mom is staying so no worries there. To to get outta here for the w/e...catch ya later!
At 6:33am on October 9, 2008, Chuck said…
AH! You have two on flat tops. That is what my son wanted. He is to go to the Marine base Hawaii and be assigned to a P-3 Orion patrol squadron. We were blessed to have him home for a week during his transfer from Florida to Washington State. It was fun to see him interact with our friends from church and soccer. Most people are amazed at the maturity that he shows. I knew it was always there waiting to come out. I guess the Navy life brought it to the surface.
As for now he is at NAS Whidbey Island for C school. He has a room mate from his ATT School in Great Lakes. We have been exchanging text messages over the last two days. He seems to be adjusted and he has begun to settle in. Yesterday's work detail had him answering phones at Medical for the day.
At 8:15pm on October 8, 2008, Cindy said…
Like any Mom, I want my boys to be happy in whatever they do in life!
At 8:14pm on October 8, 2008, Cindy said…
Thanks for the info Paul! As I was reading it, I was thinking that it sounded like battle stations. Morgan enjoyed that, though it was long. He was put in charge of the first fire group. I know he'll have some great and not so great experiences while serving. We've encouraged him, should he not make a career out of it, to at least stay Navy Reserve. We know he'll be in then Navy at least 4 years who knows what will happen after that. My two boys will always be 'my babies', no matter how grown up they are! I'm hangin in there, nothing else I can do other than trust that God will take care of them. I do have a tendency to worry, I'll admit.
At 9:20am on October 8, 2008, Chuck said…
Where is Kat Stationed? Is she on the Roosevelt...The Big Stick?
Andrew just reported to NAS Whidbey Island, WA for C school yesterday. He won't class up till Nov. 13. I guess he will he may end up at the business end of a manual sweep device for a while. He will have to go through the sign off's on the watch standing again.
At 9:29pm on October 7, 2008, Cindy said…
It's amazing what different types of jobs the military offers. I didn't know the Navy had media training. Three week underway? Could you explain that to me please. Morgan would love to go to Bremerton, he's been on that base several times. Kat is one strong young lady to handle dripping condensation, I'd be saying get me out of here! I'm holding up okay, had a rough weekend missing Morgan, okay, i'm still having a rough time! I'm getting used to him being in the Navy (ask me that again once he's stationed or deployed), and yes, it is a lot tougher on us Mom's. We're the emotional ones while you Dad's think more logically. Take my husband (Martin) for instance. While Morgan was in BC, he just couldn't understand why I was having such a tough time. "It'll be hard, but he'll do fine" or "That's what they do, they tear them down to build them up." Mom's don't want to hear that! I've said before it's a good thing Mom's aren't in charge of BC. We'd want to fix all their owies, provide a shoulder to cry on, let them sleep in so they could get some decent rest, etc.! I'm really hoping Morgan makes friends from all over. He's always been a very shy, quiet, guy who has very few friends, so I'm hoping the Navy will give him the confidence to make friends. How are you doing?
At 7:51am on October 7, 2008, Craig said…
Ahoy Mate! Finally got to sit with young daughter and review the pic's you sent (and am enjoying the ones you recently posted). Little Em's remark was "thas a really bigbigbig ship daddy!" Where's Conner?


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