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At 1:07pm on June 12, 2024, Scott Shiley said…

Thank you Jim for the welcome!  I just watched the Boot Camp: Creating a Sailor video.  Urging my entire family to watch it.  I told my son he should be doing sit-ups and push-ups every day but my wife thinks that I'm overdoing it.  I told her to watch the video and then tell me again if she thinks I am.  One thing for sure, thanks to her, he should be used to getting screamed at.  ;-)

At 4:25pm on June 5, 2024, Jeff Hotem said…

Thanks for the warm welcome, Jim.  My son begins OCS 6/16/24 and couldn't be more proud.  Father's Day this year will take on a whole new perspective.  While there are a ton of questions, I'm finding out that less is more.  My wife and I are driving up to Newport for the weekend to drop him off.  Is it best for him to take a taxi from our hotel to the base, or will we have access merely to drop him off?  That's probably the biggest question I have at this point.

At 10:22am on February 29, 2024, Ruel Knudson said…

Hello and thank you for the welcome. 

This site has already been a huge help for me. I have been using its content to clarify many of the gaps in my knowledge while writing about my family's experience with RTC, PIR, and the early days of our daughter's service. I am adding this page as a resource for my readers, and acknowledgement to my book (I hope this is ok).

My book is almost finished. I am only working on some final information and resources. When I get closer to wrapping up in the next couple of weeks, I would be honored if you and any other admins would be willing to accept free copies of the book and provide any feedback or insight before publication. While I have my daughter and several other resources helping me to ensure accuracy, the more eyes on it the better.

Also, what are the policies on me adding this site and the facebook in the book, on my webpage, and in my facebook pages?

Thanks again for welcoming me. Furthermore, thank you for creating and maintaining such a wonderful resource for parents. This is an amazing site, and I am glad to be a part of it.


Ruel Knudson

At 6:39am on February 29, 2024, Erika Cashin said…

Thank you Jim!  I appreciate the time and effort you and the team put into keeping military parents informed.  My husband spent 10 years in the Navy.  I retired after 26 years with the AF, and am still an AF civilian employee.  So we both know that your work here to keep families informed goes a long way!

At 9:02pm on November 6, 2023, Curt Pavia said…

thanks for the welcome message, Jim. That is what I am hoping to get out of this site...answers to questions, advice, and support. My son hasn't been in boot camp a week yet and the post on When is PIR and What is Their Mailing Address has already helped. I know now that I have to wait for his first form letter with Ship/Div assignment and address.

I am excited and nervous, but certainly proud of him for taking on this responsibility. It is the start of an incredible journey for him!

At 7:17pm on November 3, 2023, Jay Spicer said…

Thanks for the warm welcome. My son has his PIR next Thursday November 9. Looking forward to seeing him and see the man he is becoming! Can't wait for this new journey to begin. 

At 6:47am on September 19, 2023, Barbra Georgellis said…

Thank you for the warm welcome, Jim.  Looking forward to connecting with those who understand what we will be going through as our son embarks on his Navy journey starting with OCS and who can help answer questions we have or provide advice. We are very proud of our son for taking this big step, but both he and we approach this major change and step into the unknown with some trepidation! 

At 4:15pm on January 24, 2023, Joseph Hernandez said…

Thank you very much Jim.

Receiving  letters from our son has given us pride for all the young men and women that have sacrificed and dedicated their livelihood to serve and defend. 

At 10:05am on January 19, 2023, Joe Marquez said…

Thank you Jim, for considering my request to join. My Grandson is very excited to start the OCS training and will fly out tomorrow 01/19/2023 Class 09-23. 

At 10:48am on November 30, 2022, Charlie Cruit said…

Thanks Jim glad you have this board 

At 10:40am on November 30, 2022, Charlie Cruit said…

My son is in his first week of OCS and his class will run into X-Mass and New Year so it is possible for his 13 weeks to be 15. Don't know what his class number is yet.

At 7:15am on November 17, 2022, Emory Smith said…

Thanks Jim! I'm on the FB group. Connor leaves on Monday for RTC. Excited to see where it takes him. Go Navy (except when they play Army lol)

At 6:43am on September 29, 2022, Dave Miller said…

Thank you for the add! My son just left on Tue morning for RTC and there's some adjustment taking place in my life with the hole he's left. Super proud of him but miss him dearly. I was Navy from 1995-2001 and although I didn't "force his hand" towards the Navy, I'm really glad he chose that route; will make it easier to understand and swap sea stories!

At 5:11pm on September 5, 2022, Pat Kremer said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Jim.  My son just started OCS school in Newport this week.  We are trying to figure out what his class number he is in so we can write him a few letters while he is in OCS.


At 4:12pm on July 14, 2022, ChrisG said…

"Welcome aboard to Chris! When my son first enlisted, I was a little scared and worried for him. Not coming from a military family at all, I had no idea what to expect"

Thank you for approving my membership to NavyDads.

My daughter is in active duty and somewhere in the South China Sea( as what you said, no idea what to expect and always no info what the mission and always I am  the last to know)

"I was a little scared and worried for him."-- that a little bit underrated--- I am always scared, worried, sleepless nites and anxiety.

Oh well, I guess I have to get use to it!!

Thanks and have a good day-Chris

At 7:52pm on June 28, 2022, Steve MCCaffrey said…

Thank you Jim, looking forward to learning from your website, I’m not a veteran, but real proud of my son as he begins his Naval service.

At 10:57pm on June 19, 2022, Gary E said…

@Jim, Happy Father's Day as well!

At 9:33pm on June 19, 2022, Tyler Matson said…

Thanks Jim! My family isn't from a military background besides my grandfather's and an uncle. So basically going in blind. He left for boot camp June 16th. Have found alot of useful information on the site so far. 

At 7:57am on June 8, 2022, Robert Tennant said…

Thanks Jim, Funny story... my son received a letter last week from his 8th Grade self addressed to his graduating Senior self. In it he challenges himself to follow through with his commitment to joining the Navy. Pretty special to see that at 14 years old he was already focused on the Navy and serving our country.

Military service skipped our generation, but my wife and I are so proud of him.

Best - Bob

At 11:25am on May 14, 2022, Daniel J Drury said…

Yes that was something wasn't it and they were spot right on they hit that right on the nail head he said the Seas could be 15 ft high and that ship doesn't move but when that missile comes out of the ship the whole thing vibrates violently Like An Earthquake


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