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Fathers Day 2012

     I didn't recieve a card from Trevor this year instead I got a box with an Under Armour navy hat in it and a note binder that he had hand written a note to me. In this note Trevor thanked me for all of the things that I had taught him growing up. Like being respectful to others, always holding the door for a lady or an elderly person and always being the last in the family line so that you know the kids are always acting the way they should and are protected from harms way.



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Sullivan Sailor's updates

Well Ethan left this afternoon for a night stay at a hotel in Oklahoma City. has a date for a 4 am wakeup call. going to take his Physical and find out about the Job rate that he wants. He wants to be an M.A. His recruiter says that it looks as thoough he could get a July 2011 ship date right after high school graduation. Ethan says he should find out tomorrow if there is any openings for what job he is wanting, if there are no openings he has to go back next week and do this…


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Another proud day in my life

I had another proud moment in my life today. My wife Sherry and I took our youngest son (Ethan) to the recruiters office and he has set a date of Thursday June 10th to go take his ASVAB test and follow in his brothers footsteps into the United States Navy. This was the first of many steps for Ethan to take to get into the line of work that he is wanting to do. We went through this 2 years ago with Trevor, so we knew the routine this time around. I can't wait to see Ethan to grow into the man… Continue

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Update on ET (no more SA) Trevor Sullivan

Trevor called me last night and told me that he graduates A-School next friday the 15th of May. Trevor took his final test last nite with 2 others in his class. All 3 of them passed the test. Trevor told me that he is graduating 3rd in his class. I gave him a hard time about the fact that he was ranked 3rd in his class. Then he proceeded to tell me that the 2 guys ahead of him were reporting from the fleet for more training. His instructor told him that even though he was ranked 3rd in his… Continue

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ETSA Sullivan Update

I talked to Trevor this morning and he informed me that he may be graduating A School next friday the 8th of May. He is scheduled to graduate the 22nd of May. This means that he will be getting out of A school 2 weeks early. Sometimes this boy is to smart for his own good, but that's how he has been since day 1 of his life.

One of the bad things about this is that he found out last week that when he graduates from a school that the Navy has put a hold on all moves right now. He says that… Continue

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