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At 7:46pm on March 3, 2009, Frank D Coon said…
I got all m essed up as to who I sent which message, so please excuse the confusion with the "Comments". I thought when I sent these in an email, I was sending them to you. Just checked mt messages and discovered the boo-boo.
At 7:43pm on March 3, 2009, Frank D Coon said…
I, too, am DAMN PROUD of my sailor, Frank. He started enlisted in 1986, went to nuke power school at Ballston Spa, qualified for subs, was on the USS Bremerton as his first assignment '88-'92 I think it was. Went to the Persian Gulf, Back to the Spa for more training for surface ships, went to CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln in Seattle, was in Calif. (forgot the city) for a while, back to the Spa and finished his degree & got his commision. To OTC, then the USS T. Roosevelt - was in first strike group for Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom. Went to the Bremerton Base in WA, was nuclear power regulations officer, and in '08 went back to the Spa and is there now for a few years. I probably have left some things out, but now you can see why I am so proud of him.
At 7:42pm on March 3, 2009, Frank D Coon said…
In the message I sent you a day or so ago, I failed to mention that while my son was on the TR, my son-in-law at the time was a CPO on the USS Montpelier (sub) and was part of the TR's battle group. He retired shortly after his last deployment - Iraqi Freedom - and he and my daughter got divorced shortly afterward - he came back a totally different individual after that tour - and i understand he is still having problems with it. I think his being able to see their missiles hit their targets is what got to him. He's a tough guy on the outside, but a really gentle soul on the inside.

Frank Coon
Damn Proud!!
At 2:43pm on December 27, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Hi Fred- hope you had a great Christmas holiday! I actaully got two calls from eric...was nice to hear his voice for a few minutes. He told me the Tiger Cruise will start at Mayport: Link To Mayport Naval Base for base information. I'm trying to formulate some plans for flights to Fl and transportation to the base, etc.--- likewise from Norfolk back to Az......looking forward to this Fred!
At 6:48am on December 25, 2008, Fred said…
Merry Christmas Paul to you and your family and I wish that Eric and Kathleen could be with you now as I wish Rob and Kira could be here too. We are all so very blessed to have such great kids and for the sacrifices that they and so many others like them makes to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have. May god keep and look over each of them during this most joyous of seasons.

I hope that you get an opportunity to talk to Eric and Kathleen too as I spoke to Kira last night so, it was already Christmas in Dubai.

On another note , my youngust daughter Kaitlin is considering joining the Marines so, this may be my last Chistmas with her for a while too. She feels so very proud of Kira and everyone she sees in uniform that she is starting feel that she wants the same thing in her life. So, I am going to go to the recruiting office with her over the holiday break. I am so very proud of her for considering this.

Merry Chistmas,
At 11:43am on December 11, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
If I could book my flights right now...I'd do so as I AM SO THERE! HooYah Fred!
At 8:04pm on December 9, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Hi Fred----we have a dad here whose son is on the Mahan (DDG-72) that is part of destryoer Squardon 22 and is escorting the Roosevelt. I invited him to the Big Stick group since he's protecting Kira and Eric! Click for his page link HERE
At 2:08pm on December 5, 2008, Fred said…
Hello Paul,

Hey I just got this from a guy I work with and thought it would be good to pass along to everyone.

This link, will take you to the Xerox site to allow you to create a holiday card for a soldier serving overseas. You create it online and Xerox will print it and send to a member of the armed services. This is a quick and easy way to do something really nice for someone who won’t make it home for Christmas.

At 7:57am on November 27, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
A Tiger would be awesome Fred......I'll my fingers crossed that it comes to pass. Kat stayed in Everett this holiday...they are putting out for a short underway (two weeks) on Monday and logistics being what they are.....
Eric e-mailed me that was looking forward to getting served by a four-star general...he's really sick right now but said he was going to gorge himself no matter what! I'm sure you'll have messages from Kira as well about the Thanksgiving at sea.....I'm going to put a turkey over the charcoal in a few hours and wish I could send Eric and Kat some with all the fixings.

Hoping you and your family have a great holdiay together...I know it would be better if Kira and Rob were there, but we know they are doing their duty and that they, along with all the others, will be in our prayers for a safe Thanksgiving.
At 8:16am on November 22, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
sounds like you deserve a break from the world of IT Fred. I haven't heard from Eric in a few days, so I figured they had a port confirmed what I thought!

I'm still considering flying back to Norfolk in you have an estimated return date from Kira? If you plan on being there we'll have to meet up somewhere and boast about our sailors to everyone within hearing distance....
At 8:28am on November 13, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Hope the move went well and that all servers are talking to all routers and that no one is holding a grudge!! Wanted to say "hey" and that I posted a few pics Eric sent from the Cape Town port call.....Best Regards- Paul
At 9:55am on October 30, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Hi fred- hope all is well. Have you heard from Kira recently? Eric finally got a box of stuff I sent a while ago...told me they had a shipment of 80,000 pounds of mail! Still witing to hear results of E4 test. Other than that he told me that life there is a lot like Groundhog Day---I told him to look at the bright side- at least you what to expect!! Best Regards- Paul
At 10:35am on October 23, 2008, Fred said…
Yes, I did and I actually saved it as my wife is really into scrapbooking so, we are saving a bunch of stuff.
At 8:59pm on October 22, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Di you check out the link I posted in the group to the offical news release about the roosevelt flying sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.......birds over the bad guys for sure!!
At 5:42pm on October 22, 2008, Tracy said…
Thanks Fred, I appreciate your advice on Charleston. I will pass along your appreciation to Nick. He was home on leave for 10 days after completing A school. He is now back in G.C. and starting Power school tomorrow. He was one of the lucky few in not having to wait for clearance before starting power school. He mentioned some are waiting going on for 4 months to start power school. Please pass along my sincere gratitude to your daughter and son-in-law for their service to our country. God bless you and your family, Tracy
At 9:55pm on October 16, 2008, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Welcome to NavyDads Fred! I'm sure you'll find the site as fun and useful as I have. Explore and make some friends, add your comments to a discussion or two, read the postings in the various groups-- even start one or two. I have! If you have any questions or concerns about your sailor and what she is going through...ask! I'm sure someone here will have the answer or can point you in the right direction to find out. I'm lucky enough to have two sailors- my son Eric is a month into a seven-month deployment on the carrier Theodore Roosevelt and my daughter Kat just returned from her seven-month deployment on the carrier Abraham Lincoln. And Fred this is a great place to brag about your sailor as well! So join in and let us know how Kira is doing!

I note Kira is also on the Roosevelt- you'll have to check out the Theodore Roosevelt group as well as the Daughters and their Dads group. The Roosevelt's group has been looking a little sparse so we can really use the addtion!! Best Regards- Paul
At 9:54pm on October 16, 2008, E.G. - ND's Creator/Admin said…
Fred thanks for joining. I found navyformoms in searching for answers to my son's future. I just knew their had to be a site for dads like n4m's but I was wrong. So I started this site so us dads would also have a place to call home. I'm new at this and I hope this site will benefit fathers that come behind us. So jump right in share concerns, join groups, share info, and show off your sailor. I'm so glad to find out their are so many proud navy dads just like myself. Thank your daughter for her service for me. Good luck and thanks again for joining. Sincerely, EG


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