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I'm a father of 4 two boys and two girls ,I own a Automotive retail store in San Diego and on my free time wich is very little It's all about the Family.The only Military experience i have is my father ,he did 6 years in the Airforce and loved every minute of it, he would be very proud of his Grandson.My son is the first in my whole Family wich is huge, to join the Military since my Father so this is a very big deal for us.I'm a very very Proud Father
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My son is currently serving
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Proud and supportive
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First Week in Sasebo Japan

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 12:29pm 1 Comment

Michael's been in Sasebo Japan for about a Week now and loving every minute of it, Just like you said Lee.The excitement he expressed in his emails was pretty awesome.He purchased one of those cell phones you were talking about it's going to be nice just to hear his voice. His ship, The Essex was at another port and isn't returning till August so i think he thought "cool" I'll get time to really check out sasebo (NOT) they broke his bubble Yesterday and told him there going to Fly him to the… Continue

Off to Japan

Posted on June 24, 2009 at 3:21pm 4 Comments

Well the goodbye's aren't getting any easier, This one I think was the hardest your right Lee" there's a big difference from sending your Son to Chicago and then Japan.Micheal left for Sasebo Japan Yesterday to join his fellow Sailors on the USS ESSEX he left at 10:00am Yesterday from San Diego and arrived in Sasebo at 10:00am this morning which is actually 2:00am tomorrow Japan time that's when i got the very short phone call "I'm ok Dad I'm tired and I'll call back as soon as i get settled… Continue

Well" had to say good bye for the second time, just saw him a couple a days ago (Michael) And i already miss him like crazy, I think the second good bye was harder I wanted to bring him home and show…

Posted on April 22, 2009 at 1:00pm 1 Comment

Well" had to say good bye for the second time, just saw him a couple a days ago (Michael) And i already miss him like crazy, I think the second good bye was harder I wanted to bring him home and show him off a little to Family and Friends before A school, It's amazing how much he changed in boot camp I mean the confidence i saw in him was awesome ,So he leaves to A School today (Pensacola) and the rumor at PIR was there is a 2 month back up,In fact a lot of his Buddy's that were supposed to go… Continue

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At 8:51pm on August 6, 2009, Lee said…
Hey Mike! Just checking in. Talked to Kevin for about 1 minute last night online and he said they had left Okinawa and are on their way back to Sasebo. I am assuming the Essex will be right with them. Have you heard from Michael yet?
At 9:15pm on June 24, 2009, Lee said…
Mike, it isn't easy is it? I wish Kevin had been home Sunday, but he wasn't and he wasn't able to call, but I did get an email from him. Michael is going to do great and he is going to have a blast. My son is totally enthralled by Sasebo and is now on his way to Australia and is very excited about it. Hang in does get easier every day.
At 10:34am on June 13, 2009, Lee said…
Mike, I haven't heard from Kevin in a few days, but we have been communicating via email. He said they have Internet service in port, but at sea, they don't nor do any cell phones work. When Michael gets there, for the first couple of weeks his shipmates will take him out to see the city of Sasebo so he can adjust to his new surroundings. After that, he may begin to do some chores on the ship not related to his A school training. Kevin has been cleaning the head as well as sanding and painting of the deck. He was to have shipped out to Australia on the 12th, which explains why we haven't heard from him recently. As an FYI, I understand there are cell phone providers in the area that have plans that include unlimited calling back to the U.S. for about $30 a month. Kevin said he hasn't had a chance to get one yet as they were getting ready to ship out and there was a lot to do aboard ship. Tell Michael this will be a great experience and he is gonna love it! i wouldn't be surprised if Kevin doesn't decide he wants to move to Japan once his military career is over. Yes, he is feeling anxious but this too will pass...Kevin felt the same way and the departure at the airport was harder than any of us expected, but trust me...he is gonna have the time of his life!
At 8:12pm on June 11, 2009, Lee said…
Hey Mike! Has Michael shipped out to Sasebo yet? Kevin has been there almost 3 weeks and he loves it! Just curious as the Tortuga is supposed to be shipping out to Australia tomorrow, but he wasn't sure if the Essex was going to be going or not.
At 11:13pm on April 21, 2009, NavyDads Admin (Paul) said…
Welcome to NavyDads Mike! I'm sure you'll find the site as fun and useful as I have. Explore and make some friends, add your comments to a discussion or two, read the postings in the various groups-- even start one or two. I have! If you have any questions or concerns about your sailor and what he is going through...ask! I'm sure someone here will have the answer or can point you in the right direction to find out. I'm lucky enough to have two sailors- my son Eric just returned from a seven-month cruise on the carrier Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and my daughter Kat returned last fall from a seven-month cruise on the carrier Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). And Mike this is a great place to brag about your sailor as well! So join in and let us know how Michael is doing! Best Regards- Paul
At 6:59pm on April 21, 2009, Gary T. said…
Mike welcome to NAVY DAD'S. Now that you are officially a NAVY parent please feel free to help others in there journey through Boot Camp and beyond. Please give Mike a big thanks for his service to our country. Gary T.
At 2:17pm on April 21, 2009, E.G. - ND's Creator/Admin said…
Mike, Welcome Aboard! I found navyformoms in searching for answers to my son's future. I just knew their had to be a site for dads like n4m's but I was wrong. So I started this site so us dads would also have a place to call home. I'm new at this and I hope this site will benefit fathers that come behind us. So jump right in share concerns, join groups, share info, and show off your sailor. I'm so glad to find out their are so many proud Navy Dads just like myself. I hope this site benefits you and your family throughout your sons journey in the Navy. Thank Michael for his service for me and thanks again for joining us.


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